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Tips on saving money when shopping; through vouchers, cashbacks, special offers and sales.

Review of Honey Coupon Finder Extension

You can save some serious cash by using coupons or voucher codes when shopping online. I’ve saved up to 20% by using coupons and voucher codes. But, it can be such a pain finding the valid coupon code which offers the highest discount. It was so frustrating finding a code, which when entered on the […]

The Importance of Knowing Your Rights As a Consumer

I recently bought three new tyres for my car. It was really annoying as all four tyres were quite evenly worn and I thought I’d get at least another year out of them. However the discovery of a screw embedded in the side of a rear tyre put paid to my plans. I was advised that […]

How to Challenge a Parking Charge Notice

I was shocked to receive a £90 parking charge notice in the mail for overstaying the 90 minutes time limit in the B&M Bargains car park in Kerse Road Stirling. I recently moved home to Stirling. I was looking for things for the flat in B&M Bargains. I didn’t notice that there was a time […]

I’m Not Impressed by Waitrose

As Halifax Cashback Extras was offering 10% cashback on shopping at Waitrose, I decided to go to do some food shopping in Waitrose. I was also attracted by the free coffee on offer to customers who are members of  the myWaitrose loyalty club. Plus I wanted to have a look around the adjacent TK Maxx. […]

Why Discount Vouchers Are Better Than Cashback

I recently purchased a fridge freezer on the website. The price was £279. were offering £30 cashback on the model of Hisense fridge freezer which I decided to purchase. I always prefer discount codes to cashback. As long as the discount code is valid, the money off is guaranteed at the point of purchase. […]

Why Are There So Many Different Types of Light Bulb?

I recently bought a couple of table lamps. The assistant in the store offered me a twin pack of  the required 40W light bulbs for £3. I thought that sounded a bit expensive. I thought that we’d either have some in our home store of light bulbs, or I’d be able to buy them for less […]

Review of the Intex Downy Raised Airbed

I decided to buy a posh queen size airbed for guests. I didn’t want to buy another standard bed, as it would take up so much space. A good quality airbed seemed a sensible option, offering comfort, but requiring minimal storage facilities. My husband did quite a bit of research online to find airbeds with […]

Claim a £5 Zeek Promo Code to Buy Gift Vouchers

Zeek is an online marketplace for gift cards. Many people receive gift cards that they don’t use. These gift cards can be sold on Zeek, for a service fee of 7% of the value of the card, with a minimum fee of £3. Zeek then resells these unwanted gift cards on their website. I heard […]

Find the Cheapest Perfume

I have a weakness for expensive perfume.Lancome and Estee Lauder are my favourites. I’ve tried using cheaper perfumes, but I either didn’t like the scent and/or they didn’t have any staying power. Recently, I ended up buying perfume with what started with a quest to find the cheapest hydrocortisone cream. Annoyingly, the pharmacy website which […]

Find the Best Deals on Contact Lenses with VisionCompare

If you wear contact lenses, you can shop around for the best deal from the major online shops on the Vision Compare website. There are different ways to search for contact lenses on the VisionCompare website. If you prefer a specific brand of contact lenses, you can search by brand name, e.g. Acuvue, AirOptics or […]