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Investing in shares can bring decent returns but there’s always the risk of losing your capital. Therefore the advice is only to put money in shares that you can afford to lose.

Making the Most of Your Stocks and Shares ISA Allowance for 2015

There are many benefits to opening a stocks and share ISA. Firstly, you don’t have to pay any tax on the capital gains made from your investments as they go up in value. Secondly, you don’t have to pay any tax on interest on bonds meaning you get to keep any returns earned there too. […]

Why is FSA Delaying Reduction of Growth Projection Figures Until April 2014?

I’ve been aware for some time that the annual growth rate of 7% used to illustrate the projected value of my stakeholder pension at retiral was far too optimistic. One year the value of my fund dropped, even though I’d paid into it. Now, it would take a mighty big increase in subsequent years to […]

Which NEST Pension Fund Will You Choose?

Now that auto enrolment into the National Employment Savings Trust (NEST) has finally started, I’m interested to see how employees will react. There may be some surprised faces when employees observe that their net pay has decreased, after the deduction of their first NEST contribution. Although it won’t be that noticeable, with many employee deductions […]

Are Employment Rights a Commodity to be Bought & Sold?

I was flabbergasted to read the UK Chancellor’s proposal for employees to give up employment rights, such as claims for redundancy and unfair dismissal,  in exchange for company shares. It seems immoral that employment rights are being viewed as a commodity that can be bought and sold. To me, it smacks of  jam today and worry […]

Should IFA Fees Be Performance Related ?

I’ve been thinking about the role of independent financial advisers (IFAs) in the UK. From January 2013 they will have to charge a fee versus relying on commission from financial products that they recommend to clients. I think this is a good move toward transparency. Would any independent financial advisers be willing to put their […]

Investing in a Stocks & Shares ISA

I’ve written how I think it’s unfair that you have double the tax free allowance for a Stocks & Shares ISA than the Cash ISA limit. However given the more generous tax breaks available for a Shares ISA it’s worth looking at this option, if you are willing to take the risk of a stock […]

Doing Company Research Before Investing

We’re getting pretty frustrated with our savings losing value due to the toxic combination of high inflation and low interest rates. I’m generally risk averse and very nervous about investing in stocks and shares because of the possible loss of capital. I’m already exposed to the stock market through my stakeholder pension, but we’re tempted […]

My Fantasy Portfolio: Final Report

This is my final report on my fantasy share portfolio, which I started just under 2 months ago, on the 29 of August 2011. In the original report on share trading I tried to explain my attitude to risk, some of the major rules I was intending to follow and my findings regarding dealing costs. […]

Interim Report on my Fantasy Share Portfolio

Well, I’ve had my fantasy share portfolio  now for a couple of weeks and with one broker, they show a small profit today (16 September 2011). This profit has ranged from £245.2 (4.88%) to -£16.98 (-0.33%) excluding buying and selling fees. I have also learned several lessons so far. These include:

My Fantasy Share Portfolio

My last article described why share dealing may make sense in today’s UK financial climate of low interest rates and high inflation. Also on how such a move might be a way forward in my personal circumstances. At the end of my previous article I was looking at two of the UK’s premium brokerage firms, […]