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How to save money running a car: reducing costs for motor insurance, breakdown cover, servicing, road tax and depreciation

Tips for Owning Your First Car

You will always remember your first car, so it’s important that you choose one that is perfect for you. There are so many options available, so doing your research is key. Find out exactly what you need and want from your car before you start looking for one. Here are some tips on finding a […]

Renewing My Car Insurance With Direct Line

Last year I took out our car insurance with Direct Line. They offered the lowest price of £234 which included no claims protection, a guaranteed hire car and a zero voluntary excess. I didn’t require breakdown cover as that is included as a benefit of my Nationwide Flex Plus current account. This year, I received […]

Check If Your Premium Bank Account Offers Breakdown Cover When Buying Car Insurance

We’ve held M&S Premier Motor Insurance for a few years during the last decade. It offered a good level of cover including a zero voluntary excess, RAC European breakdown cover and a courtesy car, at a competitive price. The M&S car insurance wasn’t quite so good once they dropped the Keycare cover. But I did still […]

Every Little Helps: Tesco Increase Price to Check Tyre Pressures by 150%

We make a habit of regularly checking the tyre pressures of our Skoda Fabia at our local Tesco supermarket petrol station. Keeping the tyres on your car at the correct pressure helps you save money on the cost of running a car..The tyres last longer, plus fuel and braking efficiency are maintained. Last week, my […]

Pay As You Go (PAYG): From Phones to Cars

Like me, you’re probably already familiar with the concept of using a product or service on a pay as you go basis. From phones to broadband and even digital TV, this method of purchase can sometimes be pricier, but comes with the freedom to switch provider at a moments notice. It’s essentially commitment free. What’s […]

My Money Podcast #121

The My Money Podcast #121 features the recent Help Me To Save articles listed below. TSB Monthly Saver Pays 5% Interest –  You can earn a fixed rate of interest f 5% for 12 months with the TSB Monthly Saver. Are Plug-In Hybrid Cars Becoming More Viable? –  The Mitsubishi Outlander Plug-In Hybrid Vehicle is looking […]

Are Plug In Hybrid Cars Becoming More Viable?

We’ve always dismissed having an electric car due to range anxiety. Our two regular longer journeys are a 115 mile return trip to see one of our sons in Edinburgh, and a 200 mile return trip to see our other son in Glasgow. Both these journeys are too long for a single charge in most […]

Which Are the Best Cars for First Time Drivers?

If you’ve recently passed your driving test and are thinking about buying your first car, you’re probably wondering which car is a reasonable price to buy, economical to run and has a good safety rating. To help you decide, the infographic below from Click on Tyres features the top five cars for first time drivers. […]

Would You Buy Motor Insurance Based on Cashback or Vouchers?

The findings of a survey of consumer attitudes to motor insurance providers conducted for Insurance Revolution made for interesting reading. When people were asked if they thought the UK motor insurance industry was trustworthy, 39% were indifferent, 27% thought it was relatively trustworthy, while 24% thought it was relatively untrustworthy. My rating would be indifferent. […]

Could You Make Money Driving a Taxi?

With the high price of keeping your car on the road, you may be tempted to think about ways in which to use your car to make some money to cover these costs. One of the obvious courses of action is to use your car as a taxi. Apart from making money from your existing […]