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Help saving money on mobile phone deals. It’s important to find the right deal for you so you don’t spend more of your money than necessary on mobile phone bills.

Saving Money on Mobile Phone Contracts

A consumer’s mobile phone contract is now a considerable part of their monthly spend. The national average salary is £539 per week, £2,335.66 per month making the annual average wage £28,027.99. The average monthly mobile phone bill in the UK is £45.60 per month. That’s a whopping £547.70 UK consumers spend on average on their […]

Talk Mobile’s Confusing Cancellation Procedure

When I first moved from Berwick upon Tweed to Stirling, I was reliant on mobile broadband for work. As a back-up to my Three mobile contract, I decided to buy a Talk Mobile Sim which offered 15GB of data (which could be used for tethering) for £15 a month on a 30 day contract. Once […]

Using BT SmartTalk On Your Mobile Phone

I’d vaguely heard of the BT SmartTalk app, which enables you to use your BT landline inclusive minutes on your mobile phone. At present, I have 2,500 minutes a month on my TalkMobile X-Large 30 Day SIM. So I wasn’t sure how useful BT SmartTalk would be, as your mobile phone has to be connected […]

Three Mobile Offer Existing Customers Good Discounts

Last year, when the 12 months term was up on my Three Mobile SIM only contract, I was happy to continue on a flexible one month rolling plan. The  £15 a month plan included 200 minutes, unlimited texts and unlimited data (with a 4GB tethering limit) suited my needs. The plan also included Three’s Feel […]

Review of Talkmobile

As the editor of two websites, I need to be able to get online to work. I like to have two SIM cards on the go with different providers to ensure that I can get online when I am out of the office. I am happy with my Three All-You-Can-Eat data, minutes and texts 12 […]

Thank Goodness for Three Mobile’s Feel at Home

Thank goodness that Three Mobile’s Feel at Home scheme was recently extended to cover Greece. I am on the Greek island of Corfu. I was supposed to fly back to Newcastle yesterday, Sunday 9 October. But my easyJet flight from Corfu to Newcastle was cancelled when a strike by Greek air traffic controllers was announced […]

Three Mobile Extend Their Feel at Home Scheme

Three Mobile have extended their ‘Feel at Home’ scheme, which allows UK customers (except those on Essential plans) to use their UK allowance overseas with no additional fees in specified countries. It was great to be able to use my mobile phone in Sweden last month to upload photos and check my emails when out and […]

Earn £25 With Three Mobile’s Refer a Friend

Both you and your friend could earn £25 in Amazon vouchers through Three Mobile’s refer a friend scheme. Your friend must sign up online to either a pay monthly contract, or a 12 month SIM only plan, with Three. I’ve been using Three Mobile for a few years and I’ve been happy with the service. […]

My Money Podcast #124

The My Money Podcast #124 features the recent Help Me To Save articles listed below. Subscribe to the My Money Podcast from Help Me To Save in itunes New giffgaff PAYG Sims – giffgiff have brought up a new range of PAYG sim deals (goodybags). The 2 For 1 London National Rail Promotion – Prior to […]

New giffgaff PAYG Sims

There is a range of new giffgaff  PAYG Sims (goodybags). From 2 September 2015, their goodybags offer 4G and the ability to tether (set up you own WiFi hotspot using mobile broadband). As I mainly use my mobile phone for data, I had a look at the £20 goodybag which offers ‘Always On Data’, plus […]