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Managing debt effectively is important to save money on interest and avoid late payment fees.

Maintaining a Good Credit Rating

It sounds as though a couple of late payment slip ups can have a big effect on your credit rating. I read on the BBC news site that a woman in her mid 20s earning a good salary, had been turned down for a mortgage. This was because of a late payment of store card […]

Halifax Tempting Customers with Loans?

When I logged into my Halifax accounts at the weekend, the first thing that appeared on the screen was a page offering me a loan. When I clicked away from that onto my accounts listing page,  there was a personalised loan offer prominently placed there too. I was offered a loan of £16,500, at a […]

Free Debt Advice & Solutions from Payplan

If you live in the UK and are in debt, Payplan can help you free of charge. They won’t charge you any fees, even if they assist you to set up an Individual Voluntary Agreement, or a Debt Management Plan. Some companies charge up to two months payments as a set up fee for a […]

Interview with Maria Nedeva of The Money Principle

Maria Nedeva of The Money Principle, one of the panelists at the Write on Finance Blog Up in Leeds 22 – 23 September 2012, tells us about her site and her attitude to life and money. Introduce yourself and aims for your blog/site My name is Maria, a university lecturer in philosophy and sociology of […]

How to Avoid Debt – My Money Podcast #2

My Money Podcast #2 contains my five tips on how to avoid debt, based on my article How Not to Get Into Debt. Parents giving their kids a financial education & a good example to follow Thinking if you can afford something before buying Having an emergency fund to cover unexpected expenses Dealing quickly with […]

Finding the Lowest Rate Personal Loan

UK interest rates are pretty low at the moment, which is bad news for savers but good news for borrowers. If you also factor in a rate of inflation of around 5%, then some of current personal loans on offer with an interest rate between 6-7%  look quite appealing. If you have a good credit […]

How to Live Debt Free

If you owe a lot of money you’ll be paying interest on the loan. That interest could be money in your pocket. Of course if you buy something that will increase more in value than the interest you’ve paid, then it’s a worthwhile financial investment. However if you’re borrowing money and paying interest on that […]

How Not to Get into Debt

There seem to be many websites and blogs about getting out of debt; I’d like to see more sites about not getting into unmanageable debt in the first place. I’ve written about my attitude to debt, acknowledging that taking on some debt can have beneficial results, e.g. getting a mortgage to buy a home especially […]

What’s Your Attitude to Debt?

I have a very mixed attitude to debt.  If we hadn’t taken out mortgages to work our way up the housing ladder, starting from a one bedroom flat in east London, we would never have been able to afford our subsequent homes. In fact, if we had been less risk averse and borrowed more to […]