Tips for Buying a Cheap Second Hand Car

Written by Karen Bryan

The newest cars on the market are often unattainable for most, making second-hand cars the preferred choice for many people wanting to get behind the wheel. Buying a new set of wheels can prove somewhat daunting, though, with a large number of us not having a clue what to look for.

Whether purchasing a second-hand car through a dealership or a private seller, there are several key points to take into consideration before parting with your hard earned cash.

1. Consider all the costs

When buying a car, many people fail to consider all the initial and ongoing costs necessary to maintain the vehicle. Being a motorist certainly does not come cheap, and beyond the initial payment, which can be made outright or through one of the many UK car finance brokers, there are a plethora of other continuing costs involved. Fuel, insurance, tax, MOT, parking permits and vehicle maintenance all must be taken into consideration when budgeting for a car.

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Review of Acer CB515-1HT 15 Inch Chromebook

Written by Karen Bryan

In October 2017, started thinking about replacing my then six year old Samsung R519 laptop. However, I never got around to doing it. Partly because I was unsure of what I should buy as a replacement and partly because the Samsung could do everything required.

But recently the Samsung laptop had become so slow, that I needed a replacement.

It was the same old confusion as in October 2017 in trying to decide on a replacement device.

I’ve had an Acer Asprie CB5-311 chromebook with a 13 inch screen as my back up and travel laptop for three and a half years. As I’ve been very happy with it, I was tempted to buy a chromebook with a larger screen as my main laptop. While a 13 inch screen is a good compromise for travel in that it’s fairly portable and compact, I like to have a 15 inch screen on my main machine.

Chromebook do have limitations, but as I mainly use browser based applications, they haven’t affected me much. The main issue has not being able to print from my Chromebook, as my WiFi printer is not Google Could Print ready. But I can print from my mobile phone using the Printer 2 Go app.

I decided to take the plunge and purchase an Acer CB515-1HT-P099, which has a full HD 15.6 inch touchscreen. It cost £399 from John Lewis, who included a two year guarantee as standard on electrical and electronic goods.

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5 Reasons to Find A Good Bank Before Traveling

Written by Karen Bryan

It’s no secret that I love to travel. With the world being such a big place, I can’t wait to get out there and explore everything that mother nature and the world has to offer. I like to be the type of “get up and go” type of person. That means that basically, I like to wake up, get up and hit the road to whatever destination I want.

What that also means is that I need to have everything secured and in place when it comes to my finances way ahead of time. I can’t take the chance of being somewhere when traveling and being stranded with access to my money. It just wouldn’t work, at all.

If you’ve been bitten by the traveling bug and are looking for adventure, make certain that you have your money with a good bank! Here are 5 reasons to find a good bank before traveling.

5 Reasons to Find A Good Bank Before Traveling

1.You may not have access to a bank where you are going

Depending on where you want to travel, you may not be able to walk into the lobby of a bank when you need or want money. You need to plan ahead! Connecting with LetMeBank before you start your travels is a great way to ensure that you can find a bank or credit union that you trust.

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How Can Landlords Increase Tenancy Rates with the Help of an Online E-Commerce Portal?

Written by Karen Bryan

Many individuals have been concerned with the state of the UK housing market. With cities such a London feeling a growing amount of economic pressure and due to the fact the Brexit is associated with its own share of unknown variables, many landlords are looking to attract as many possible tenants as possible in order to supersede any volatility that might be looming just over the horizon. This is also why a growing number of professional letting agencies are taking to the online community so that they can leverage the power of exposure. What steps might landlords be able to take with the help of e-commerce platforms and why might such methods prove to represent invaluable assets during 2019? Let us first begin by looking at the basic principles behind a free web store before moving on to examine some of the best e-commerce solutions at the moment.


More Than Retail Sales Alone

Most individuals will immediately attribute online retail portals with product sales and marketing campaigns. While this is indeed true, what exactly defines a “product” in this day and age? We need to consider the concept of a product with a much broader terminology. In this sense, it signifies any tangible good or service that is offered by one individual to another for a specific price. The real estate is certainly no different. As opposed to selling a physical retail item, we are instead referring to the ability to post letting opportunities to the general public.
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Review of

Written by Karen Bryan

I decided that I’d like to watch the Australian Open tennis tournament this year. I knew that I’d have to spend some money in order to see this grand slam.

Initially, Eurosport Player looked like the best option. However, after some research, I discovered that I wouldn’t be able to watch Eurosport on my Chromebook, as you need to download the app to watch online. I downloaded the Eurosport Player app to my mobile phone, But the screen is too small for watching tennis. There wasn’t a Eurosport Player app downloaded to our TV. As I knew I would be out of the office and spending a couple of nights away from home, I needed to be able to watch the Australian Open on my Chromebook.

Next, I looked at TV Player, which included both Eurosport channels in its premium subscription, costing £7 a month. This appeared to be a better option. The TV Player app was already installed on our TV. Plus. As it’s browser based when watching online, I would be able to watch on the Chromebook.

I signed up to TV Player for a month. Of course, one of the issues with watching the Australian Open in the UK, is the time difference. Many of the matches are played during the night. I thought that I could partly get around that by using the 10 hour online recording available with the premium subscription. If you wanted to upgrade to %o hours recording space, you had to pay an additional £3 per month. I don’t think that 10 hours is a high enough allowance.

However, that wasn’t the main problem. The majority of my scheduled recordings failed, I have no idea why.

In the end, the one month TV Player subscription was a mixed bag. I did see some matches on on a mix of TV, laptop and phone, either live in the morning, or replays on later that day, which I enjoyed. But it was very frustrating not being able to record matcha played during the night. I didn’t find a way to select which match I wanted to watch, which I think is possible on Eurosport Player.

Putting it into perspective, at £7 (the price of a cheap lunch), the one month TV Player subscription was good value for money.

Cheap Fine Dining at Your Local College

Written by Karen Bryan

I’d been intending to try out the Gallery Restaurant at the Stirling Campus of Forth Valley College. The purpose of the college restaurant is to provide real life training for hospitality students.

You need to book a table at the Gallery Restaurant, either by phone or by completing an online booking request. During term time the restaurant serves lunch Mondays to Fridays from 12.00 to 13.30 and dinner on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 17.00 to 18.30. Lunch costs £7.50 for two courses, £10 for three courses. Dinner costs £10 for two courses, £12.50 for three courses. I booked a table for lunch.

The restaurant has lovely views over the River Forth towards the Ochil Hills and the Wallace Monument.

My Cheese Souffle starter was delicious..

My main course was Pork Lion, served with Mashed Potato and Veg. The meat was tender and lean.

I had the Banana Bread and Butter Pudding for dessert, which was served with Ice Cream. It was quite nice and light compared to some bread and butter puddings.

I will be returning to the Gallery Restaurant at the Forth Valley College Stirling Campus. The food was really tasty and great value for money.

Why don’t you check out if your local college has a restaurant offering fine dining at low prices?

Review of JD Williams

Written by Karen Bryan

I always have problems finding reasonably priced comfortable shoes for my large wide feet. I decided to go to Evans in Glsagow during their sale to see if I could find anything suitable. I thought that Evans was in the St Enoch Centre. When I asked at the information desk in the shopping centre I was directed just outside the shopping centre entrance. During my chat with the member of staff, she mentioned that I should try JD Williams as they had a good selection of wide fit shoes in large sizes.

As I bought some shoes in Evans, I forgot about JD Williams until I say an advert for them online. I assume that it was targeted advertising, as I had been searching online for large wide fitting shoes.

I decided to take a look at the JD Williams website. I was pleasantly surprised by the low price of the wide fitting shoes in size 9 that were reduced in their sale.

There were even leather shoes for around £10. I also managed to find a 20% discount voucher, bringing the price down even more.

I looked into the delivery options. If my order totalled at least £40 then there was a free click and collect option. My nearest local store was a five minute walk from our flat.

Before ordering, I also double checked JD Williams returns policy. I only order clothes or shoes online if the retailer offers free returns.

I proceeded with the order. I received a text informing me that my parcel had arrived two days after ordering.

Unfortunately, two out of the four pairs of shoes which I’d ordered were too narrow fo rme. I repacked them, filled in the returns form, which asked the reason for returning. and dropped the package off at the local shop.

Three days later, I received an email to say that the return had been received and my credit card would be refunded within then next few days.

Overall, I was very happy with my online shopping experience with JD Williams. There was good choice of wide fitting shoes in my size, the prices were low. The ordering, delivery and returns all went smoothly.

Review AGA Mezze Turkish Restaurant Glasgow

Written by Karen Bryan

If you are looking for a cheap and tasty meal in Glasgow city centre, you should try the Aga Mezze Turkish restaurant. When I had lunch there on a weekday in December 2018, it costs £6 for a two course lunch.

The Aga Mezze is located in Dundas Street, just behind Glasgow Queen Street railway station. The restaurant is on the first floor. The interior is a bit tired and dated.

But I did appreciate the fresh flowers on the table.

I opted for the Feta cheese and spinach starter, which was served with warm homemade Turkish bread,

My main course of moussaka, served with a salad, was really good, if a little oily.

The toilets were a bit past their sell by date and could have done with a refurb.

Is Investing in Property a Good Idea for Your Retirement?

Written by Karen Bryan

With advancements in technology and the health sector, the population is living longer than ever before. A report from Public Health England stated that men can expect to live for another 19 years and women for a further 21. Therefore, the ways in which you can invest for retirement are evolving over time. Pensions were long considered the leading way to save money to use after retirement, but there is an emerging trend of investing in property that is now seemingly more lucrative.

Let’s take a closer look. The property market has long been regarded as a prosperous form of investment, however, with the speculation over Brexit in the media, uncertainty began to circulate leaving trust dwindling due to the perceived last of security in the asset. House prices are deteriorating, and the North/South divide is increasing, although contrary to this, current research has highlighted that buy to let investments in property have the potential to triumph over pensions in terms of long term growth and returns.

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New Travelodge Policy on Room Cleaning

Written by Karen Bryan

I recently stayed at Travelodge Ayr for two nights, I’ve stayed at that hotel recently and reviewed it on Help Me To Save. When I arrived in my room, one of the first things that I noticed sitting between the pillows on the bed was a pink sign to hang on the door knob.

Initially, I though that Travelodge had finally upgraded their do not disturb and please make up my room sign. However on closer inspection, there appears to be a new policy on room cleaning if your stay is for more than one night.

If you wish to have your room serviced, you need to hang the aforementioned sign on your door before 11am.

I assume that the new policy has been implemented to ensure that housekeeping staff can focus on cleaning the rooms from which guests have checked out from, by the latest check out time of noon, to be ready for new guests arriving by the earliest check in time of 3pm.

What if you are staying for more than one night and you’d like your room to be serviced, but you are not going out until after 11am?

Tough luck!