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It’s your life; you have to decide on your own personal priorities & how to achieve them, using money as a tool to help achieve your life goals.

How Much Time and Effort Do You Put Into Saving Money?

As a I was writing about looking for an instant access savings account paying a decent rate of interest I started thinking about how much time and effort you should put into saving money. I’d worked out that the highest rate instant access account would pay us an additional 0.2% than the Halifax EveryDay Saver. […]

The Perils of Focusing on One Issue

I’ve been working on a revamp of my other site, the Europe a la Carte Travel Blog. I wanted to free up more space for larger photos and make the site more sticky. Initially the redesign for the site went fairly smoothly as I opted for the Twenty Twelve theme which was already installed on […]

Should Customer Service Departments Be Open 24/7?

I was a bit frustrated by the limited opening hours of UK customer service departments, on a couple of occasions recently. I tried to phone Vodafone one evening around 9pm to get a discount if I renewed my contract with them. I did check the online upgrade page first, but the prices quoted on the […]

Head Versus Heart: Which Wins in Your Financial Decision Making?

There can be a fair old battle on the head versus heart front when you are making financial decisions. Who can say what’s the best formula to try to ensure that you come to the ‘right’ decision the majority of the time. It’d be foolish to disregard a thorough and logical evaluation of the options […]

What Should Be Done About Payday Loans?

There’s so much negative press about payday loans. I’m not a fan of them. However, if the payday loans business is booming, there is clearly a demand for their services. There’s a lot of talk about more regulation of payday loans companies, but the alternative of loan sharks could be worse. I can see the […]

Force Savers to Spend: A Good Way to Kickstart the UK Economy?

My husband’s reading a near-future fiction novel about China by Chan Koonchung called The Fat Years. One of the economic policies described in the book is to force savers to spend 25% of their money held in savings accounts. Savers are given vouchers to the value of 25% of their savings, which can only be […]

Review of AgriBank: A Bit of Extra Interest But No FSCS Cover

There have been headlines in the vein of “relief for UK savers” in various UK personal finance publications this morning, in reponse to the fixed rate accounts on offer from Agribank. Their fixed rates are: 3.35% for 3 years 3.5% for 4 years 3.6% for 5 years My major concern about AgriBank is that your […]

Say No to Christmas Pressure

I’ve already written about my dislike of overhyped celebrations, but with the annual Christmas frenzy beginning to gather pace, I feel another rant going on. I believe that people should be saying no to Christmas pressure. I’m sick of all the tales about people getting into debt to fund Christmas. Forget the rosy picture of […]

Should You Lend Money to Friends?

It puts you in a difficult position when you lend money to a friend. They may ask you directly for a loan, or you may feel that you should offer to lend them money to help them out. Now I think it’d be better if this situation never happened in the first place; that everyone […]

Write on Finance Blog Up #2 London 16-17 March 2013

The second Write on Finance Blog Up took place in London over the weekend 16-17 March 2013. After all the positive feedback from the first Write on Finance Blog Up in Leeds in September 2012, I decided I would keep the momentum going, so I leapt straight into organising another Blog Up. Afternoon of Day […]