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It’s your life; you have to decide on your own personal priorities & how to achieve them, using money as a tool to help achieve your life goals.

Could You Be Doing More With Your Hobby?

Hobbies are incredibly popular in the UK, with the majority of the population having at least one pastime they turn to as an escape from the pressures of the world. That popularity has made them into a big business: a study in 2013 revealed that Brits collectively spend £18 billion on hobbies every year. But […]

Are You Ready for Retirement?

Recent research conducted by Aegon highlighted that 9 out of 10 people in the UK aren’t prepared for retirement, with many people underestimating for how many years they’ll live and overestimating their pension income. Using the Aegon Retiready online retirement planning service can help you prepare for retirement.  It only takes a few minutes to […]

Should I Have Bunion Surgery?

I decided to have bunion surgery once my bunion started to get painful. I’ve had a bunion on my left foot for as long as I can remember, it seems to run in my Mum’s family. I’d just accepted the bunion and as I usually wear either trainers or sandals, it wasn’t that hard to […]

Don’t Let Love Blind You to Your Partner’s Finances

A recent survey by Luma highlights some of the perils of not being aware of your partner’s finances before getting into a serious relationship. When interviewees were asked what was important in choosing a new partner, more than 50% answered physical appearance, but only 10% answered financial stability. Only 30% of interviewees had discussed their […]

My Money Podcast #67

The My Money Podcast #67 summaries the recent articles below: listen to ‘My Money Podcast #67: Recent Articles Roundup’ on Audioboo Subscribe to the My Money Podcast from Help Me To Save in itunes The Financial Comfort Index – A study investigating the financial and employment perceptions of UK consumers. ‘Ready to Switch’ Collective Purchasing […]

The Financial Comfort Index

The Comfort Index December 2013, compiled for Hitachi Personal Finance to give a snapshot of UK consumers’ financial and employment perceptions, makes for interesting reading.  Below I have a closer look at some of the findings, along with some possible explanations. Males generally have a higher Comfort Index than females I wasn’t too surprised by […]

Make One Change in 2014 That’ll Make You Richer

What one thing could do in 2014 to have a positive impact on your finances? Below are some suggestions to make you richer. Pay off your credit card bill in full every month With interest rates of up to 30%, paying off your balance, or doing a balance transfer to a 0% rate card, could […]

How To Avoid the Savings Snakes

The Savings Snakes and Ladders from Zopa highlights some slithery financial pitfalls. I’ve listed some of these snakes below, along with my tips on how to steer clear of them. Not paying for a structural survey when you by a new home and then having to fork out to rewire the house. We paid for […]

Why We All Need Back Up Options

When our BT broadband went down for a few hours, I was glad I had a couple of USB modems enabling me get online again immediately. As an online publisher, I need to be able to get connected to do the majority of my work. That’s why I have a T Mobile 3o Day Data […]

25% of People in Their Early 50s Fear Losing Their Home

I read that around 25% of people in their early 50s are afraid of financial difficulties leading them to lose their homes. The reason cited were a higher risk of redundancies for older workers, difficulty finding work, falling incomes, interest and annuity rates. The first thing that crossed my mind is that if you are […]