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It’s your life; you have to decide on your own personal priorities & how to achieve them, using money as a tool to help achieve your life goals.

How Much Money is Enough Money in Retirement?

Do you feel like you’re trapped in the cycle of making money, but it never seems that you have enough money to live the life that you want? How much money is enough money? The first thing to do is to work out how much your preferred lifestyle will cost. Then work out strategies to […]

Is Scotland the Happiest Place in the UK?

According to the results of the latest Cash Happy Survey by Sun Life, featured in the infographic below, Scotland is the happiest place in the UK. The average monthly household take home pay in the UK is £1,970. Just over 80% of this income goes on living expenses such as housing, clothing, food, transport and loan/credit card […]

How to Protect Against Identity Theft

Identity theft is when someone else uses your personal details,  usually for financial gain, e.g. to fraudulently apply for a loan or credit card. You may not even immediately realise this has happened to you. That’s why it’s a good idea to regularly check your bank and credit card statements for any transactions that you […]

Life v Mortgage: Can You Afford Both?

You probably know at least one person or couple who seems to work constantly. They appear to work every day, perhaps in two or three locations, sometimes accompanied by Facebook statuses that tell their friends about their busy life. Do you envy their work ethic, or pity them for their situation? I heard of someone who […]

To Save or to Pay Off Debt? Answering This Thorny Question

On payday, do you struggle to decide between paying down consumer debt, mortgage and student loans and socking as much cash as possible into a high interest savings account? You’re not alone. Millions of people across the UK are in this same confusing situation, and most are completely unsure about the best choice for their […]

Why I’m Put Off Giving to Charity

I’m being put off giving to charity. This is due to the ensuing steady stream of letters asking for more money that follow making a donation. Several years ago, instead of giving my Dad a Christmas gift, I made an online donation to his charity of choice, Help the Aged (now merged with Age Concern to […]

Why You Need to Start Planning for the Future Now

The ‘Preparing for the Future’ infographic from AXA Self Investor highlights a rather alarming lack of financial planning in the UK. I appreciate that it can seem hard enough to stay afloat in the present, never mind thinking about preparing for the future. However, time passes quickly and it’s prudent to get to grips with your finances right now.

Is the Purpose of a Pension Changing?

The slew of recent changes to pensions in the UK has left me wondering if a pension is changing from being an income in later life into a general savings vehicle. A pension pot now seems to be something which you either pass onto your family upon your death and/or help your kids or grandchildren […]

Review of Boots Electronic Allergy Relief Device

I suffered from some rather intense bouts of hay fever  in late June and early July 2014. I found that the usual one a day antihistamine tablet wasn’t having the desired effect. This, in addition to the fact that even an anti-drowsiness antihistamine makes me feel dopey, prompted me into looking at other possible remedies. […]

Why I’m Glad I Bought An Annuity Despite Forthcoming Changes to Pensions

Despite the forthcoming changes to UK pensions which will allow you to take your whole pension pot as cash (subject to income tax after the 25% tax-free lump sum has been taken), I used my personal pension pot to buy an annuity (an income for life) as soon as I was 55 earlier this year. […]