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It’s your life; you have to decide on your own personal priorities & how to achieve them, using money as a tool to help achieve your life goals.

Companies Relying on Customer Inertia

I recently received the renewal letter for our SSE central heating cover, which includes an annual boiler service and breakdown cover, with zero excess payable on call outs. I was astounded that the price had increased from £19 to almost £22 a month. We hadn’t had any breakdown calls outs over the 12 month period […]

It’s Getting Harder To Fulfil the Requirements for High Interest Current Accounts

I recently got caught out by not reading the change in terms and conditions to my Tesco Bank Internet Saver accounts. The change which would have the biggest impact on me was the end of the being able into a Tesco Bank Internet Saver account by direct debit. In order to fulfil the requirement for […]

How Do You Value Money?

Recent research on the Value of Money by Mecca Bingo has revealed some interesting variations in attitudes between the generations. According the survey results, 91% of interviewees would pick money up off the ground. However, it would have to be at least a £2 coin for 18-24 years olds to bother bending down. This compares […]

How the Country Really Feels About Brexit

Brexit – ‘Britain’s exit’ – means as a country we voted to leave the European Union. Britain no longer has to contribute billions of pounds towards the EU’s budget but this historic vote on Thursday 23 June divided the country. Freedom Finance created a Brexit survey to explore the real impact of the ‘Brex Factor’. […]

What Does the Financial Future Hold Now the UK has ‘The Brex Factor’?

So, the UK voted out. The UK had our say and then we felt unsure. In fact, the whole country seemed to be in disarray in the aftermath of this historic vote. It will take two and a half years for us to experience any real change, but there’s been lots in uncertainty over our […]

Teaching Your Kids About Money

The mutual society Shepherds Friendly has produced the ‘Parent’s Guide to Teaching Children About Money‘ infographic. In my opinion, it’s crucial that parents give their kids a good grounding in money management. It doesn’t appear that this is always happening, as according to Shepherd Friendly’s research only 25% of parents regularly discuss savings and the […]

Earn £7,500 Tax Free By Renting Out Your Spare Room

From 6 April 2016, you can earn up to £7,500 tax-free from letting out a room in your home. This is a large increase to the current £4,250 tax-free limit of the ‘Rent a Room’ scheme. There are two options. You could look for a longer term lodger, or go for short-term lets, arranged through […]

How to Sell Your House Quickly in 2016

If 2016 is the year you plan to move on and you know you need to sell your house quickly then take a look at this run through on how best to achieve a quick sale and hop on to the next rung on the property ladder with minimal hassle. House buyers and sellers don’t […]

What You Can Realistically Expect To Make in Average Monthly Return as a Forex Trader?

If you’re trading in Forex, you’re most likely doing so to make money. Yes, there are other advantages. You’ll learn about global economies, improve your status as a trader, and learn more about trading in general. But money talks, and you’re likely wondering how much you can expect to make in average monthly Forex returns. […]

My Money Podcast #126

The My Money Podcast #126 summarises the recent Help Me To Save articles below. Subscribe to the My Money Podcast from Help Me To Save in itunes Creating Art for Under £10 – My money saving tips on trying out doing art at home on a budget. Using Contactless on Transport for London – I had […]