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4 Money Management Tips Small Business Owners Need to Know

Managing money effectively is one of the biggest challenges facing any new business owner. A business’s earliest days are its most vulnerable, and surviving them requires careful financial planning. Below are 4 money management tips for helping small business owners to manage their money more efficiently. Separate Business and Personal Expenses When you are just […]

Can You Put a Private Plate on a Lease Car?

If you want to buy a private number plate and put it on a lease car then this is possible, and it’s a fairly simple process. It does come with some procedures and paperwork, but as long as you follow the regulations, you should find putting the number plate on a lease vehicle quite easy. […]

Mountain Warehouse Review

As I was putting away my warm clothes when the warmer weather finally arrived, I noticed that a couple of my favourite pairs of leggings were starting to go at the seams. I decided to replace them in order to have new leggings ready for the advent of lower temperatures later this year. My first […]

Automate Your Financial health – Smart Apps That You Should Install On Your Phone

While having kids, saving money for their future and for all other responsibilities can sometimes feel impossible. Once the bills keep piling one on top of the other, they don’t just seem to end. You keep trying to remind yourself about how important it is for you to save money for emergencies but once you […]

The Autumn Statement by The Chancellor of The Exchequer

Since Philip Hammonds appointment as Chancellor of the Exchequer he has warned about the economic damage started by Brexit and urges that this needs to be heeded. He speaks of the rainy days to come and says he has every right to feel gloomy at the present time because of the massive uncertainties caused by […]

BT Increases Prices: No Escape If You’ve Paid for Line Saver

On 3 July 2016 BT is imposing massive prices increases of up to 15% on some broadband packages. How can BT possible justify prices increases of up to 15% when the rate of inflation, measured by CPI (Consumer Price Index), stands at 0.3%? In late January 2016, I signed a 12 month contract for broadband […]

Why is Halifax Paying their Current Account Reward Net?

I was surprised to see that the monthly reward on my Halifax Reward Current Account is still being paying net of income tax i.e. after deduction of 20% basic rate income tax. With the new £1,000 personal savings allowance for basic rate taxpayers having kicked in, surely the Halifax reward payment should be paid gross (with […]

20 Extremely Quick and Easy Ways to Save Money

There are many ways to save money, some more difficult and time-consuming than others. Often it’s the small, incremental lifestyle changes that provide the biggest rewards. Here are 20 of the easiest, quickest ways to save. Use Reward Credit Cards Many leading banks offer reward accounts with up to 5% cashback on purchases in department […]

My Money Podcast #127

The My Money Podcast #127 summarises the recent Help Me To Save articles below. Subscribe to the My Money Podcast from Help Me To Save in itunes RateSetter Increase Their Welcome Bonus to £50 – New customers who deposit and lend out at least £1,000 can earn a £50 Welcome Bonus by using this referral […]

RateSetter Increase Welcome Bonus to £50

Peer-to-peer lender RateSetter have increased the welcome bonus for new customers from £25 to £50. To qualify for this bonus, you need to deposit and lend out at least £1,000 using this link. The £50 welcome bonus which will automatically be invested in the monthly market at the current rate. You can read my review of […]