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Not All Tourist City Cards Are a Good Buy

It can be tempting to purchase a city card for sightseeing when you are on a trip. Most city card promote themselves as a way to save money. However, it’s a good idea to check out if buying a city pass will actually save you money. Before my recent trip to Porto, I did attempt […]

How to Make the Most of Restricted Free Entry to Museums

We are fortunate that in the UK that it is free to visit the permanent collections of UK state museums and galleries. That’s not the case in many European countries, where the majority of museum and galleries charge an admission fee. In the Spanish city of Malaga, many museums offer free admission from late afternoon […]

Why Bother Running the Tram from the City Centre to Edinburgh Airport?

It costs £1.60 for a single ticket between any two stops in Edinburgh, except for the Edinburgh Airport stop, when the price of a single ticket shoots up to £5.50 (£8.50 for a return). It’s not as though there is an express tram going to the airport, every tram halts at each stop on the […]

Airbnb Should Offer the Option to Pay in Local Currency

I’m going to Malaga in southern Spain for one week in April 2017. I am meeting up with Gary,  one of our sons, who has given up his senior developer job in Scotland to become a remote worker. I said that I would organise our accommodation. I had a quick look at hotels in Malaga. […]

When to Book to Save Money on Flights

We all like to pay as little as possible for our short breaks and holidays. As the cost of flights may constitute a fair proportion of the money spent on a trip, you’ll want to find the cheapest flights. Research by Opodo highlights that the time at which you book flights influences the price which you pay. […]

Review of Cairn Hotel Edinburgh

I stayed at the Cairn Hotel in Edinburgh for four nights in November 2016. Initially I booked a two night stay from a Sunday to Tuesday on the Venere website. The combination of a member discount and a 15% off voucher resulted in a price of £47 for a single room for the two nights. […]

Redeeming My Free Flight in the Jet2 Competition

In November 2016 I won a free flight in Jet2 Name That Destination competition. I had to phone Jet2 to claim my free flight. It was a free phone number with lines open Monday to Friday from 7am to 9pm . I thought that it would be a lot simpler to have been able to […]

Not So Easy to Get Expenses Refunded After easyJet Flight Cancellation

When we were in Corfu on holiday, our flight home with easyJet to Newcastle Airport on Sunday 9 October was cancelled, the day before we were due to fly home, because of a strike by Greek air traffic controllers. As at that time, the first two day strike was supposed to be followed by another […]

BBC iPlayer Should Be Available Abroad to TV Licence Holders

I would have really appreciated being able to watch BBC iPlayer when I was stuck in Corfu recently after a strike by Greek air traffic controllers led to our easyJet flight back to Newcastle being cancelled. I wouldn’t normally think about watching TV when on holiday. However, the weather in Corfu was awful for a […]

Great Customer Service from Newcastle Airport Long Stay Car Park

After booking our holiday to Corfu, I searched for the cheapest parking for eight days a,t or near, Newcastle Airport. I paid £43.22 for eight days parking at the Newcastle Airport long stay car park, by booking in advance through Purple Parking. I was relieved that it was on-site parking at Newcastle Airport. A few […]