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Money saving tips; be smart with you money to make it go further and look for the best deals and lowest prices.

Order Stickers Online, Save Money and Time

Whether it’s at the home or office, a sticker is deeply useful. But if you have specific needs and you want to get something custom printed, you may think your options are limited. Not so! Spend a little while browsing around the website of any number of specialist online printing services and you’ll see the […]

How to Save Money on Monthly Expenses

Are you creating a budget and getting your personal finances in order? When breaking down your monthly expenses, most of us are shocked at how much we pay on bills, food, transport and so on. However, there are a number of different ways in which you can cut back these monthly expenses and provide yourself […]

Companies Relying on Customer Inertia

I recently received the renewal letter for our SSE central heating cover, which includes an annual boiler service and breakdown cover, with zero excess payable on call outs. I was astounded that the price had increased from £19 to almost £22 a month. We hadn’t had any breakdown calls outs over the 12 month period […]

Bargain Room at Travelodge Helensburgh

In early January 2018, Travelodge ran a 50% off Friday and Saturday nights promotion. It was a bit frustrating, as several of the Travelodges at which I tried to book a room displayed a message saying that all the available codes had already been used at that hotel. I also observed that Sundays nights were […]

Spending Tesco Clubcard Vouchers with

I decided to look into spending my Tesco Clubcard vouchers with Reward Partners. The Reward Partner which appealed to me most was, as I could triple the value of my vouchers by spending on The first thing which I noticed was that you can have to pay any taxes and fees listed on […]

Three Pieces of Equipment for Your Home Garage That Will Save You Money in the Long Run

The cost of running, maintaining and repairing vehicles these days can be really expensive. However, one way to reduce the cost is to do some of the work yourself. If you have a home garage, did you know you can save a lot of money in the long term by investing in various pieces of […]

Odeon Silver Cinema Review

The Odeon Silver Cinema is a great deal for movie fans aged 55 and over. It only costs £3 for a ticket, plus you get a free hot drink and biscuits. I attended the Odeon Silver Cinema at the Lothian Road location in Edinburgh, Unfortunately there isn’t an Odeon cimema in my hometown of Stirling. […]

How to Save Money When Shipping a Parcel Overseas

Christmas is now less than two weeks away, which is exciting news for both businesses and consumers alike. It’s certainly a time for giving, and the chances are you will shipping out quite a few parcels to friends, family and customers across the globe. This can be a costly pastime, so in this post we’ll […]

Free Art Classes at the National Galleries of Scotland

The National Galleries of Scotland run free drop-in easel sketching sessions on a couple of days, usually Thursday and Fridays, most months. You don’t need any experience to attend. It’s a two hour session between 2 – 4pm. The venue alternates between the National Gallery and the Portrait Gallery, both located in the city centre. […]

Looking for a Winter Sun Holiday on TravelZoo

As I was thinking of a Winter sun holiday in the near future, either before or after Christmas, I decided to have a look at the TravelZoo website. In the past, I’ve found some great deals on TravelZoo. Last year, I found an all inclusive holiday to Corfu at a four star hotel for £344 per […]