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How to save money on living expenses such as food, gas, electricity, broadband, insurance, mobiles phones and transport by doing research & shopping around for the lowest prices

TV Licensing Not User Friendly

When you are moving home, you feel like there are a million and one things to do. Prior to the completion of the sale of our home in Berwick upon Tweed in late August, we contacted various organisation to inform them of our departure date and to cancel direct debits. It was fairly straightforward to […]

How to Challenge a Parking Charge Notice

I was shocked to receive a £90 parking charge notice in the mail for overstaying the 90 minutes time limit in the B&M Bargains car park in Kerse Road Stirling. I recently moved home to Stirling. I was looking for things for the flat in B&M Bargains. I didn’t notice that there was a time […]

Talkmobile Now Operates On the Vodafone Network

Talkmobile are one of several virtual mobile phone providers in the UK. This means that they piggyback onto the network of one of the major mobile phone providers such as Three, O2, Vodafone or EE. I’ve been a Talkmobile customer since March this year. I use their £15 a month X-Large 30 Day SIM with […]

I’m Not Impressed by Waitrose

As Halifax Cashback Extras was offering 10% cashback on shopping at Waitrose, I decided to go to do some food shopping in Waitrose. I was also attracted by the free coffee on offer to customers who are members of  the myWaitrose loyalty club. Plus I wanted to have a look around the adjacent TK Maxx. […]

Beware of Sending Long Texts on TalkMobile

I set up a maximum £1 additional spend limit on my TalkMobile X-Large 30 Day SIM account. I wasn’t anticipating spending any more than the £15 a month, as the package included 2,500 minutes, 5,000 texts and 15GB of data. There wasn’t an option to set the additional spend to zero, which would have been […]

Recycling Has Become an Complicated Pain

Recycling your rubbish has become such a pain. It was so much simpler when you had one black bin which was emptied every week. Now with most bins being emptied every fortnight, or even every four weeks, if you miss a bin day e.g. you are away on holiday, your bin could be sitting umemptied […]

Why Are There So Many Different Types of Light Bulb?

I recently bought a couple of table lamps. The assistant in the store offered me a twin pack of  the required 40W light bulbs for £3. I thought that sounded a bit expensive. I thought that we’d either have some in our home store of light bulbs, or I’d be able to buy them for less […]

Review of the Intex Downy Raised Airbed

I decided to buy a posh queen size airbed for guests. I didn’t want to buy another standard bed, as it would take up so much space. A good quality airbed seemed a sensible option, offering comfort, but requiring minimal storage facilities. My husband did quite a bit of research online to find airbeds with […] Too Pushy When Trying to Sell Their Extended Warranties

Recently, I’ve bought several electrical products from the online retailer, including a washing machine, fridge freezer and a Humax Freesat box. Their products are competitively priced, and offer free delivery on a weekday of your choice. However, what I dislike about is their concerted attempts to sell their extended warranty. With a […]

The Cost of Living Abroad

If you have itchy feet and are thinking about relocating from the UK, the Netflight’s cost calculator offers an insight into how much you would spend to live in various countries around the world. In order to work out your monthly expenditure, you need to enter how much you spend on various categories living the UK. The first […]