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How to save money on living expenses such as food, gas, electricity, broadband, insurance, mobiles phones and transport by doing research & shopping around for the lowest prices

How to Not Lose Money When Buying a Car

Cars are one of the necessities that tend to have bad investment returns. This is due to the depreciation that occurs when a car leaves the lot. When faced with the decision to buy a new vehicle or a vehicle that’s new to you, there are some easy ways to ensure you don’t lose too […]

Tips for Owning Your First Car

You will always remember your first car, so it’s important that you choose one that is perfect for you. There are so many options available, so doing your research is key. Find out exactly what you need and want from your car before you start looking for one. Here are some tips on finding a […]

The Best States to Save on American College Debts

American student debt is a hot topic nowadays. For many graduates, student debt is one of the most troubling things about college, and it follows students for many years after graduating. If you’re planning to go to school in America, it’s important that you learn how to mitigate your debt. One of the best methods […]

Boots Advantage Card Treats for Over 60s

In true Help Me To Save fashion, I have been on the look out for ways to save money now that I am 60. As I live in Scotland, I have a free bus pass, officially named a National Entitlement Card (NEC). I also shelled out £70 to purchase a Senior Railcard, which gives me […]

Buying Separate Home Contents Insurance

As we live in a flat, there is a common buildings insurance policy, which is arranged by the factor (property manager), we have to buy separate home insurance cover. The premium that we pay for the buildings insurance for a top floor three bedroom flat is already higher than the joint buildings and contents insurance […]

Boiler Insurance: What You Should Know

After buying your new boiler, the next step is to purchase a suitable boiler cover plan. This means in the event of a boiler breakdown; the service provider will have an engineer diagnose the problem and fix it. In addition, if your plan includes a servicing contract, then an engineer will service the boiler on […]

Tips for Buying a Cheap Second Hand Car

The newest cars on the market are often unattainable for most, making second-hand cars the preferred choice for many people wanting to get behind the wheel. Buying a new set of wheels can prove somewhat daunting, though, with a large number of us not having a clue what to look for. Whether purchasing a second-hand […]

Review of Acer CB515-1HT 15 Inch Chromebook

In October 2017, started thinking about replacing my then six year old Samsung R519 laptop. However, I never got around to doing it. Partly because I was unsure of what I should buy as a replacement and partly because the Samsung could do everything required. But recently the Samsung laptop had become so slow, that […]

Review of JD Williams

I always have problems finding reasonably priced comfortable shoes for my large wide feet. I decided to go to Evans in Glsagow during their sale to see if I could find anything suitable. I thought that Evans was in the St Enoch Centre. When I asked at the information desk in the shopping centre I […]

Appliances Not Built to Last

When we moved to Stirling last year, I purchased a Russell Hobbs kettle and a Sharp microwave. I didn’t go for the cheapest products. I liked the shape of the Russell Hobbs kettle, plus you could boil as little as a cupful of water. Also, the silver finish matched for our toaster. As we do […]