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How Leasing a Van in Your Business Can Save You Money

More and more businesses every year are deciding to lease vans and fleets of vehicles as a way to save money in their business. Here, we are taking you through the main advantages of business van leasing and why we think it is definitely something that you should consider investing in for your business. It […]

How to Save Money on Auto Insurance

When it comes to thinking about auto insurance most people would probably prefer to not think about it at all – like a trip to the dentist or cleaning out that back closet. To make matters worse is the fact that if you want to drive you will need coverage and this often leads people […]

I Can’t Open a New TSB Monthly Saver Online

My TSB Monthly Saver account recently matured. I planned to immediately open a new TSB Monthly Saver online, in order to earn the fixed rate of 2% on the maximum monthly deposits of £250. However, it wasn’t possible to open a new TSB Monthly Saver when logged into TSB. When I clicked on apply for […]

Nationwide Not Increasing the Interest Rate of Loyalty Single Access ISA

I am astounded that in the wake of the recent 0.25% increase in the Bank of England Base Rate, that there will be no increase in the interest rate paid on my Nationwide Single Access Loyalty ISA. The rate will remain at 1.4%. Nationwide is supposed to be a mutual, run for the benefit of […]

Virgin Money Increase Fixed Rate of Interest on Regular E-Saver

I received an email from Virgin Money informing me that, from 1 September 2018, the rate of interest paid on my Regular E-Saver accounts would increase from 2.25% to 2.5%. I was doubly surprised by this. Firstly. many financial providers have chosen, either not to increase the rate of interest paid on their savings accounts […]

I’m Disappointed by Charter Savings Bank

I’ve generally been happy with Charter Savings Bank. At times, they have offered market leading interest rates on their savings account. I have also found them to be very efficient. However, I am disappointed by their recent actions. I had £1,000 in a two year fixed rate savings account which was due to mature earlier this […]

Fast Tax Refund from HMRC

I finally got around to filing m online income tax return for  the tax year 6 April 2017 to 6 April 2018 on 15 July 2018. I had worked out the turnover, expenses and profit for my online publishing business by mid April 2018. But I waited to receive the annual interest statements from my […]

Is It Time to Ditch High Interest Current Accounts?

I’m beginning to think that if’s almost time to ditch at least some of my high interest current accounts. In the good old days, when the Santander 123 Current Account. Lloyds CLub Current Account and Bank of Scotland Current Account with Vantage were paying up to 3% on credit balances, it was a no brainer […]

5 Ways You Are Not Saving Money When Buying Business Checks

Buying paper checks seem like a trivial business expense especially when compared to major business expenditures such as rent, employee salaries, and utility bills. However, most successful business owners look for ways to cut down on spendings that do not add value to the firm. Even little cutbacks can make a huge difference. Earlier this […]

There’s No Winning With Car Insurance

I recently had a close encounter with a wall when parking the car in the lane at the back of our son’s flat in Glasgow. It was so stupid. I knew that it was tight to park there. I thought I was being careful, but as I turned in the back passenger door of the […]