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Reviews of financial products including current accounts, saving accounts, ISAs, mortgages, insurance, loans & credit cards to help you decide which financial products best suit your needs.

It’s Getting Harder To Fulfil the Requirements for High Interest Current Accounts

I recently got caught out by not reading the change in terms and conditions to my Tesco Bank Internet Saver accounts. The change which would have the biggest impact on me was the end of the being able into a Tesco Bank Internet Saver account by direct debit. In order to fulfil the requirement for […]

Things to Consider Before Getting a Credit Card

There are many different things that you should take into consideration before getting a credit card. While it’s true that a credit card can be very helpful in certain situations, it can also be a source of crippling debt. If you want to get the best deal on a new credit card, you will need […]

5 Year Fixed Rate Cash ISA Pays Same Rate As Standard 5 Year Fixed Rate Account

Today for the first time in ages, you can earn the same rate of interest on a fixed rate Cash ISA as on a standard fixed rate savings account. UBL is paying 2.65% on their five year fixed rate Cash ISA. The highest rate which I could find for a standard five year fixed rate […]

Teaching Teens About Personal Finance

The only thing most teenagers know to do with money is spend, spend and spend until it’s all gone. This behavior won’t change without their parents’ help and guidance. As a parent, it’s your job to ensure that your teens become financially responsible adults. If you need some tips for this job, this article will […]

Comparing the Peer-to-Peer Lending Sites RateSetter and Funding Circle

I have been investing with both RateSetter (RS) and Funding Circle (FC) for different periods of time and they have both common and different approaches to investing my money and achieving my returns. Both RS and FC are peer-to-peer lending sites, meaning that your money is not currently protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme […]

What a Hassle to Open an Account With The Family Building Society

I was attracted to the Family Building Society’s 2 Year Tracker Rate Bond Issue 1, which paid an interest rate of 2.06%. This is a variable rate, which tracks at 1.56% above the Bank of England Base Rate. The minimum investment is £5,000. The interest rate of 2.06% paid on Issue 1 of the Family […]

Review of Funding Circle

I joined Funding Circle (FC), an online peer-to-peer lending platform where investors lend funds directly to small businesses, in October 2017. I started with a small sum, to ensure the lending pathway worked correctly, then fed different amounts, as they became available, into the FC system at various times over the next few months. I […]

Why Using an Online Estate Agent Might be the Most Cost-Effective Way to Buy or Sell Your House

Whether you’re looking to buy or sell property this year, one place you might want to turn to is an online estate agent. Long gone are the days where high street estate agencies ruled the roost. Thanks to the internet, buyers and sellers can now benefit not only from the convenience of online real estate […]

Why Has the Interest Rate on Top Three Year Fixed Rate ISA Dropped?

In late October 2017 I was thinking of opening a three year fixed rate Cash ISA with Clydesdale Bank. The account paid a rate of 2.2%. The account was also available from the Yorkshire Bank. However, I judged that as the Bank of England was hotly tipped to increase the Base Rate in early November […]

Nationwide’s Put the Squeeze on Customers

I have been using my Nationwide Select credit card for all purchases where paying my credit card doesn’t incur an additional fee. This is because I was receiving 0.5% of all UK spending as cashback. While this won’t make me rich, it is a nice little bonus of around £30 a year. I received a […]