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Reviews of financial products including current accounts, saving accounts, ISAs, mortgages, insurance, loans & credit cards to help you decide which financial products best suit your needs.

How Small Businesses Can Benefit From Using Mobile Card Readers

If you are a small business owner, you could benefit from accepting payments through a mobile card reader. This allows you to accept card payments in any location. A retailer such as supermarket can used fixed location card readers, as the customer is physically in the supermarket picking up purchases and then going through the […]

How to Keep Your Travel Health Insurance Cost Under Control

Your travel insurance cost is influenced by numerous parameters and factors. You’re bound to take the right decision even if you’re aware of the insurance basics. Instead of restricting your insurance benefits, it will help you to fetch a great bargain for much lower premium rates. You must try and keep your insurance costs at […]

4 Lending Alternatives for People with Bad Credit

It’s very easy to enter into a state of despair when we find out we were rejected for yet another credit card or personal loan. Loans are often a final resort to get out of an already precarious situation, and bad credit is usually a result of it. But the good news is that there […]

Review of Ratesetter

I have been investing with Ratesetter for a total time of about 2 years. I cancelled my subscription with them about 3 months ago, then re-subscribed 2 months ago, for reasons that will be explained later in the article. During that 2 year period, my average investment has been approximately £13,000 and my average rate […]

How to Choose a Forex Trading Site

Deciding to get into trading is the first step, but it is far from the last step. The next step is selecting a Forex trading site that meets your needs. Here are the steps you need to follow before choosing a forex trading site. We’ll give simple steps to narrow down all your options to […]

For How Long Should You Fix the Interest Rate on Savings?

I am back to the old dilemma of trying to decide into which fixed rate savings account to put my cash. There is talk of UK interest rates increasing in the near future. But I’ve heard that a few times over the last decade. It doesn’t seem that you get a much higher rate of […]

How to Save More While Shopping For Home Insurance

For a large section of insurance users, the home insurance premium cost tends to increase every year. For many of the homeowners, it tends to match a firmer grip on their annual budget and enhance their mental strain. However, by following the right path, you may actually lower the cost of your home insurance premium […]

Why Credit Cards are a Good Thing

We live in a world of instant credit and ‘buy now, pay later’, but applying for a credit card is still a scary experience. Firstly, the lender might say “no” when you fill in an application, and secondly, what happens if you go on a massive spending spree and then lose your job? Yes, there […]

Are Payment Apps the Future of Banking?

Online-only money transfer organisations are making international money transfers easier than ever. Many online-only payment organisations have mobile applications available to their users now – which makes it possible for users worldwide to transfer money on-the-go, whenever they need to. Additionally, the plethora of online money transfer organisations that have cropped up in recent years […]

Hike in Nationwide FlexPlus Account Monthly Fee

I was annoyed to read that the present £10 monthly fee charged on the Nationwide FlexPlus current account is to be hiked by 30% to £13 a month from 21 September 2017. As if that weren’t bad enough, Nationwide are ditching the current 12 month extended warranty available on many household electrical items costing more […]