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What a Hassle to Open an Account With The Family Building Society

I was attracted to the Family Building Society’s 2 Year Tracker Rate Bond Issue 1, which paid an interest rate of 2.06%. This is a variable rate, which tracks at 1.56% above the Bank of England Base Rate. The minimum investment is £5,000. The interest rate of 2.06% paid on Issue 1 of the Family […]

Review of Funding Circle

I joined Funding Circle (FC), an online peer-to-peer lending platform where investors lend funds directly to small businesses, in October 2017. I started with a small sum, to ensure the lending pathway worked correctly, then fed different amounts, as they became available, into the FC system at various times over the next few months. I […]

Why Using an Online Estate Agent Might be the Most Cost-Effective Way to Buy or Sell Your House

Whether you’re looking to buy or sell property this year, one place you might want to turn to is an online estate agent. Long gone are the days where high street estate agencies ruled the roost. Thanks to the internet, buyers and sellers can now benefit not only from the convenience of online real estate […]

Why Has the Interest Rate on Top Three Year Fixed Rate ISA Dropped?

In late October 2017 I was thinking of opening a three year fixed rate Cash ISA with Clydesdale Bank. The account paid a rate of 2.2%. The account was also available from the Yorkshire Bank. However, I judged that as the Bank of England was hotly tipped to increase the Base Rate in early November […]

Nationwide’s Put the Squeeze on Customers

I have been using my Nationwide Select credit card for all purchases where paying my credit card doesn’t incur an additional fee. This is because I was receiving 0.5% of all UK spending as cashback. While this won’t make me rich, it is a nice little bonus of around £30 a year. I received a […]

Top Tips to Use When Closing a Joint Bank Account

Opening your own bank account is something that most people do the moment they get their first job. For some, that could be during their teenage years, or possibly younger if their parents opened one on their behalf to get them started on savings. As you move through life and end up getting married, there’s […]

Revenue Scotland Charge You More Than Five Times the Rate of Interest Which They Pay You

As we bought our flat in Stirling, Scotland before we had sold our house in Berwick upon Tweed in England, we had to pay the 3% additional Stamp Duty (called Additional Dwelling Supplement in Scotland) to Revenue Scotland on the day which we purchased the flat in Stirling. Our intention was to sell the house […]

How Small Businesses Can Benefit From Using Mobile Card Readers

If you are a small business owner, you could benefit from accepting payments through a mobile card reader. This allows you to accept card payments in any location. A retailer such as supermarket can used fixed location card readers, as the customer is physically in the supermarket picking up purchases and then going through the […]

How to Keep Your Travel Health Insurance Cost Under Control

Your travel insurance cost is influenced by numerous parameters and factors. You’re bound to take the right decision even if you’re aware of the insurance basics. Instead of restricting your insurance benefits, it will help you to fetch a great bargain for much lower premium rates. You must try and keep your insurance costs at […]

4 Lending Alternatives for People with Bad Credit

It’s very easy to enter into a state of despair when we find out we were rejected for yet another credit card or personal loan. Loans are often a final resort to get out of an already precarious situation, and bad credit is usually a result of it. But the good news is that there […]