I’m Karen Bryan, a canny Scot. I’d like to help you save more money and enjoy life; it’s about finding a balance between saving money and having fun. I’m not a financial adviser but if you know what you want from life, make a budget and get the most of your money, you can achieve your goals.

Me working in our garden in our former home in Berwick upon Tweed

I run my online publishing business from home, in Stirling in central Scotland. . I founded the Europe a la Carte travel site in 2002 and the Help Me To Save personal finance lifestyle website in 2011. I have an undergraduate business studies degree and lot of experience in stretching our family budget to bring up our twin sons who, thankfully, are now through university, both working and financially independent. My husband took early retirement, aged 51, in 2008.

I’ll be giving you real life examples of how you can master your money, decide what makes you happy and plan for tomorrow, based on my own experience and research.

I’m also an artist. Click here to see my work.