Amazing Ways to Save Money on Your Next Family Campervan Holiday

Written by Karen Bryan

What family doesn’t look forward to that annual holiday away from work, school and all the mundane tasks of everyday life? If you are trying to plan a super exciting holiday for the family, there are some ways to make it the most exciting ever, even on limited funds. Let’s take a look at where you can save some money so that you have more to spend with the kids.

A Word on Avoiding Hotels

Yes, it’s lovely to think about staying in a posh hotel by the beach where you can get room service and you don’t have to clean up much because there are maids on staff. However, you pay for those amenities and if you are trying to plan a fabulous holiday without spending your life’s savings, why not take the campervan this year? In fact, taking a road trip around the UK in a campervan will probably appeal to the kids (and the husband!) more than you can imagine.

Think of all those nice, quiet fishing spots where he can enjoy a cast or two while you and the kids wander about taking pictures and perhaps spotting an endangered bird or two! This kind of stop can be just as educational as it can be fun, but don’t tell the kids that or they will immediately rebel! If you choose your spot wisely, there will be a place to park your campervan so that you can spend the night before moving on. Let dad clean the fish he caught which will be delicious cooked on an open fire. How much fun is that?

Start Saving Now!

It also might be wise to look at ways to cut back on expenses now so that you have extra money to spend on holiday. Take, for example, that campervan you are still paying off. Have you thought about perhaps refinancing it so that the payments are lower? What about the insurance cover you are required to carry? If you are like most car buyers, you will often get cover from the same insurance provider you used last year.

Renewal quotes are rarely the best deal around, though, so why not try checking out, where you can compare campervan insurance quotes from a range of providers to find the best one that suits your needs?

Campfire Cooking

It’s often more fun for the kids to eat food cooked on a campfire than it is to eat in restaurants, believe it or not. If you don’t believe it, think for a moment on how your kids behave when seated at a café. They get antsy in the first few moments and long before the food arrives, you’ve little appetite left after stressing out to keep them seated and quiet.

Not only can you save money with campfire cooking, but your kids will be learning skills they might not be exposed to otherwise. You can teach them how to safely light a fire and once the meal is done and the marshmallows have been roasted, you can teach them fire safety when dousing the embers. It’s cheaper than eating in a restaurant when you can buy foods at the local shop and it sure is a lot more fun for them. With all that activity, they’ll sleep well in the campervan that night!

No Fancy Clothes Needed

Another benefit to be derived from taking a campervan holiday is that you will not need to go out and buy the latest fashions. No fancy clothing will be needed to sit around a campfire or go hiking through the woods. While you will need safe walking shoes and perhaps warm clothing for chill evenings, these will probably all be in your closet so there’s no need to buy anything new.

While on this subject, do remember to check any special weather warnings prior to starting on your road trip. It may mean that you will need to reroute your journey, but it will also avoid costly delays where you will need to find cover for the night. Although rare, sometimes strong storms do come in off the coast and this could prove hazardous when camping.

Fun Extras With What You’ve Saved

Once you see just how much you can save by taking a campervan holiday instead of staying in fancy hotels or resorts, you’ll be able to set aside money for theme parks and other activities the family will enjoy.

You can enjoy all the rides and activity of the park but eat at the campervan because it’s so much cheaper. Isn’t it amazing just how much you can save on holiday with a campervan?