Review of Honey Coupon Finder Extension

Written by Karen Bryan

You can save some serious cash by using coupons or voucher codes when shopping online. I’ve saved up to 20% by using coupons and voucher codes.

But, it can be such a pain finding the valid coupon code which offers the highest discount. It was so frustrating finding a code, which when entered on the retailer’s website, wouldn’t work.

Honey is a Chrome browser extension (a software application) which automatically searches for valid coupons and voucher codes when you are shopping online.

However, you need to be aware what data any browser extension can access and what will happen to that data.

I’ve found the Honey extension to be a boon. It does find a valid coupon or voucher code most of the time. I still do a quick search online to check if I can find a better coupon. On the occasions when I have found a code and added it to on the shopping cart page, a Honey pop-up message comes up asking if I’d like to share the code with other Honey users.

The highest percentage reduction coupon code Honey found for me when I’ was shopping online was 15%. I book quite a few hotels online, mostly on the third party hotel booking websites. It’s very unusual not to be able find a voucher code for at least 10% off a hotel booking.

There is another benefit to using Honey. On some retailer’s websites, in addition to using a voucher code, you can earn Honey Gold rewards. A pop-up message appears, which you have to click to activate. The reward offered is randomised, so you don’t know exactly the percentage of the purchase price you will receive. Once you have collected 1000 units of Honey Gold, you can exchange it for an e-gift voucher. I couldn’t find out the value of the e-gift voucher on the Honey website, I wondered if it varies between retailers?

I’ve used Honey many times over the last few months, but so far have only collected 82 Gold units and have 8 pending. Therefore, I don’t see Honey Gold as that much of a benefit. Honey’s automatic search for coupon and voucher codes is much more useful.

Disclaimer and Disclosure

This review is based on my personal experience using the Honey Chrome browser extension. If you join Honey through a link in this article, I will receive a bonus of 500 Gold units.