Boiler Insurance: What You Should Know

Written by Karen Bryan

After buying your new boiler, the next step is to purchase a suitable boiler cover plan. This means in the event of a boiler breakdown; the service provider will have an engineer diagnose the problem and fix it.

In addition, if your plan includes a servicing contract, then an engineer will service the boiler on annual basis to make sure it works well.

However, boiler covers come with different terms and conditions. Therefore, it’s important to carefully analyze all available options before settling on a final cover provider. This includes searching for the best value for money and speedy response in case of a breakdown.

Take a look at what you should look for in a boiler cover provider.

1. Choosing a Suitable Policy

By choosing a suitable policy, you’ll avoid spending too much money. First off, you must understand that the boiler cover you intend on purchasing will depend on your type of boiler.

Furthermore, your circumstances will also influence the type of policy you’ll choose. For example, does your boiler heat your house and your water? Is this is the case, you may want to add central heating in your cover to protect your radiators.

Nevertheless, be sure to look out for other extras included in the policy. For instance, other items which your home insurance covers such as drainage, pipes and electrical faults. Overlapping covers may cost you more.

2. Annual Pay

Its known in all subscription-based services that paying in bulk saves you tons of money. Your boiler cover is no different. Thus, it’s important to ensure you pay your annual premiums upfront instead of opting for monthly payments.

According to, buyers who opted for annual payments ended up incurring £175 to £185. On the other hand, those who opted for monthly payments spent a whopping £290 to £300.

3. Switch Your Provider

While sticking to your provider for years has its advantages such as loyalty points, switching your provider might, after all, save you money. researched boiler cover in the UK including the customers based on loyalty and switchers.

Those who decided to stick to their provider paid £265 to £275 a year. In contrast, those who switched paid £50 less translating into £175 to £215 a year.

Should You Purchase a Boiler Service?

Of course, you should. Annual boiler service is crucial to ensure your boiler is safe and works in an efficient manner. With regular servicing and maintenance, your boiler will use fewer resources and also live longer.

Besides, many insurance providers only offer coverage only if you include an annual service contract as well, although this will also depend on the insurance companies. Some don’t offer annual boiler servicing, hence may be cheaper.

Over to You

At this point, you know the importance of purchasing a boiler cover. You also know how to choose a suitable boiler cover for your home.

However, the bottom line remains to purchase a cover you have complete trust in, especially when 7 out of 10 providers fail to meet the minimum standards for offering a complete boiler service cover.