How Can Landlords Increase Tenancy Rates with the Help of an Online E-Commerce Portal?

Written by Karen Bryan

Many individuals have been concerned with the state of the UK housing market. With cities such a London feeling a growing amount of economic pressure and due to the fact the Brexit is associated with its own share of unknown variables, many landlords are looking to attract as many possible tenants as possible in order to supersede any volatility that might be looming just over the horizon. This is also why a growing number of professional letting agencies are taking to the online community so that they can leverage the power of exposure. What steps might landlords be able to take with the help of e-commerce platforms and why might such methods prove to represent invaluable assets during 2019? Let us first begin by looking at the basic principles behind a free web store before moving on to examine some of the best e-commerce solutions at the moment.


More Than Retail Sales Alone

Most individuals will immediately attribute online retail portals with product sales and marketing campaigns. While this is indeed true, what exactly defines a “product” in this day and age? We need to consider the concept of a product with a much broader terminology. In this sense, it signifies any tangible good or service that is offered by one individual to another for a specific price. The real estate is certainly no different. As opposed to selling a physical retail item, we are instead referring to the ability to post letting opportunities to the general public.

However, potential customers still need to be provided with the appropriate information at the right times. This is why modern e-commerce websites should be able to offer clear and unfettered access at all times. Unfortunately, individuals such as landlords and estate agents will rarely have the time to build such a portal from the ground up. This is why it is important to utilise the services of a professional website builder designed around the needs of the e-commerce community.

All of the Most Important Tools Within a Single Package

It should be obvious that the needs of a landlord will differ drastically when compared to an individual who is looking to market t-shirts to a select client base. This is why any worthwhile e-commerce platform should be able to be adjusted in order to suit thee requirements of the user in question. Having said this, a handful of universal traits should also be present such as:

  • Secure payment gateways.
  • A means to contact the website owner or a customer service representative if necessary.
  • The ability to choose from a host of unique and intuitive e-commerce templates.

It is therefore no coincides that the platform offered by Shopify has incorporated the very same possibilities into their cloud-based software package. If you are hoping to maximise your presence within the online real estate community, selecting the most comprehensive e-commerce platform is an excellent way to take success to the next level.