Anyone Else Fed Up of PPI Claims Firms?

Written by Karen Bryan

I am getting so fed up of being contacted by Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) clsim firms. I’ve had numerous calls on our fixed line at home and on my mobile phone.

I had never signed up for PPI as I never thought that I needed it. I always set aside any money spent by paying with credit card in my current account to pay of my credit card in full by direct debit every month.

Quite often staff calling from the PPI claims firms have been extremely persistent and or verging on rude when I’ve said to them that I have never purchased PPI.

Even if I had bought PPI, I would make the claim myself to avoid paying fees to the PPI claim firm. From July this year, the maximum fee that could be charged for recovery of misoold PPI is 20% plus VAT. In the past, I had read about much higher fees.

I recently received a large brown envelope through our letter box which had the text ‘Customer Refund Service’ and a logo of the scales of justice emblazoned at the top left hand corner. In the envelope window. there was a claim reference number and a potential claim amount of £3,175.

I knew immediately that this was a mail shot, as it wasn’t addressed to either myself or my husband. But it was certainly doing it best to look like an official letter. 

There was also a delivered by Royal Mail postage franking mark a top right hand corner of the envelope. I was a bit dismayed that Royal Mail are making money from the PPI claim industry, but Royal Mail are now a private company and focused on making a profit

At the bottom right had corner of the back of the envelope, there was text saying ‘Marketing Information Enclosed’. The text clarifying the true nature of the letter had been placed in a position where it was unlikely that it would spotted. In my opinion, it should have been on the front of the envelop in the same size of text as the ‘Customer Refund Service’.