I’d Prefer Lower Fares for Everyone to Railcards

Written by Karen Bryan

There is a plethora of UK national railcards including:

  • Senior Railcard – for travellers aged over 60.
  • Family Railcard – the travellers must include one of the two named adults, plus one child aged over 5.
  • Tw0 Together Railcard – two named adults must travel together.

Most of the UK railcard offer discounts of one third on many fares. But you need to read the terms and conditions carefully prior to purchasing a railcard.

Most UK railcards cost £30 for one year. Therefore, if you make a couple of longish journeys by train per year, you will probably save money.

But surely, it would be a lot simpler to offer lower fares to all rail travellers?

In my opinion, it’s commuters who most need cheaper travel. They have to travel to get to work. Which is exactly why they aren’t offered a railcard option.

Even the currently available railcards could be improved. For example, if the Two Together Railcard could be used by one of the named travellers plus any other adult.

I currently have a Scotrail Club 50 railcard, which costs £15 per year.. If I book an advance or an off peak ticket online, I receive a 20% discount.

I plan to purchase a Senior Railcard when I am 60 next Spring. The Senior Railcard will be better. I will receive a higher 3% discount, which will also be applicable to peak fares. Plus the discount will be available on fares throughout the UK versus only Scotland This means that I will save more, and that I will have more flexibility over where and when I travel.