Renewing My Car Insurance With Direct Line

Written by Karen Bryan

Last year I took out our car insurance with Direct Line. They offered the lowest price of £234 which included no claims protection, a guaranteed hire car and a zero voluntary excess. I didn’t require breakdown cover as that is included as a benefit of my Nationwide Flex Plus current account.

This year, I received an automatic renewal letter from Direct Line informing me that the premium had gone up to £253.

I did a search on a couple of price comparison websites to see if I could beat that price. I did find a price of £237 for the same level of cover.

I decided to phone Direct Line to ask if they would match the lower price. If they would, I thought that I should stick with Direct Line, as they don’t charge an admin fee if you have to make any changes to the policy. Many other insurance companies charge an admin fee of £25.

Direct Line lowered the price to £238, so I renewed with them.

Now that’s only a saving of £15 on the original car insurance renewal price quoted by Direct Line, I’d rather have that £15 in my pocket than in theirs.

The following day, I received a text message from Direct Line asking me to rate my satisfaction with my recent phone contact.

As I thought that the customer service rep was thorough and pleasant. I replied with my rating out of 10, As soon as I pressed send, a message flashed up on my mobile phone screen informing me that I as this was a premium rate text to a five digit phone number, that I would be charged to send my reply.

I couldn’t believe that Direct Line were using a premium rate text number for a customer satisfaction survey.