Appliances Not Built to Last

Written by Karen Bryan

When we moved to Stirling last year, I purchased a Russell Hobbs kettle and a Sharp microwave. I didn’t go for the cheapest products.

I liked the shape of the Russell Hobbs kettle, plus you could boil as little as a cupful of water. Also, the silver finish matched for our toaster.

As we do a lot of cooking in our microwave versus just heating up food, we need a large, powerful microwave. I did a bit of research. The Sharp microwave fitted the bill and received good reviews.

Well around 18 months after purchase, both appliances broke. The microwave turntable stopped rotating. The kettle didn’t come on when the on button was pushed down.

My husband managed to repair the microwave by replacing a part. But he couldn’t repair the kettle.

It does make you suspicious, as the standard UK warranty for new electrical appliances is 12 months.

Apart from being annoying for the consumer, appliances breaking down so fast, it’s bad for the environment.