Review of UK National Art Pass

Written by Karen Bryan

A National Art Pass offers free or discounted admission to many art related venues and special exhibitions in the UK. In Scotland, where I live, there are 21 galleries and museums which offer free entry to National Art Pass holders.

I’d been thinking about buying a National Art Pass for some time. The standard adult price is £67. If you sign up to pay by direct debit, you receive a 25% discount on the price for your first year of membership, bring the price down to just over £50.

If you have family or friends who would regularly visit art venues with you, there is an option to add Plus One for an additional payment of £38. It’s good that it’s not another named person on your membership, so you could take different people with you.

I ordered my National Art Pass online. It stated on the website that it could take up to ten working days for the pass to arrive through the mail. I hoped that it would arrive in time for my trip to the south west of Scotland.

You can pay an additional £6.95 for express delivery.  Then you will receive your membership card within two working days. I decided not to pay the extra for express delivery, and cross my fingers that it arrived in time. It arrived within four working days.

It says on the website, that you need to wait until to receive your card before you can use it for free or reduced entry. I know of other organisation, who email you membership details immediately, which allow you use your membership immediately. I’m not sure why that couldn’t be done for the National Art Pass?

During my first two months of having a National Art Pass, I saved £44 on admission fees, detailed below:

Scottish Maritime Museum in Irvine – £7.50

Exhibition at Kirkcubright Galleries  – £4

Two visits to Jupiter Artland near Edinburgh – £17.00

Surgeons’ Hall Museums in Edinburgh – £7

Tour of Dumfries House in Ayrshire – £9