How Leasing a Van in Your Business Can Save You Money

Written by Karen Bryan

More and more businesses every year are deciding to lease vans and fleets of vehicles as a way to save money in their business. Here, we are taking you through the main advantages of business van leasing and why we think it is definitely something that you should consider investing in for your business.

It Gives You More Money to Spend on Other Business Areas

Buying a fleet of vans is, as you can imagine, very expensive and so one of the great things about van leasing is that the money that you have left over from the company vehicle budget will then be able to be spent on other areas of your business. When leasing vans, you will be required to pay small monthly instalments and companies will only have to pay small expenses as part of their contract. This extra money can be used in variety of different ways such as helping to grow your business. However, we would recommend that you keep some of the money saved aside as you may be landed with a fee at the end if the van is in worse condition that the general wear and tear.

Get the Latest Models

Buying the latest models can cost a small fortune, but with van leasing, you will have this option and it will be cheaper than buying one in the long run. With a new car, they are reliable and don’t require much maintenance. For example, a great option is the Ford Custom Challenger. Ford is a long standing and reliable brand that you probably wouldn’t be able to afford the latest model of if you were buying outright. One of the most popular options to lease is the ford transit custom sport which has a challenger, partial leather seats, a front splitter and a rear spoiler.

Save on Admin

When you own a fleet of vehicles, there is a lot of costly admin work that you have to do  which includes sorting out things such as car and renewing road licenses. Plus, there is also the general maintenance to consider here too. When leasing vans, this process becomes much easier as the leasing company will take on much of these administrative duties. This means you can spend less time worrying about this and instead focusing on other areas of your business.

No Depreciation to Worry About

If you own your vans, then you will have constantly be having to worry about replacing them if they start to become old and not as reliable. What’s more, you will also face heavy depreciation on your vans and you most likely won’t get back much for your money originally spent. One of the
ways inwhich van leasing can save you money is by taking away any worries about depreciation as you can simply return the car when your contract is up and they will deal with everything else.