Harry’s Ramsden’s Club 60 Meal Deal

Written by Karen Bryan

I  regularly stop in South Queensferry when I am driving from Stirling to Edinburgh for a walk and a drink from my flask. I’ve always thought that Harry Ramsden’s Three Bridges must have good views over the Forth estuary and bridges, either from the exterior or interior tables. But I’ve been in South Queensferry too early to want to eat there.

When walking past Harry Ramsden’s recently, I decided to have a quick look at the menu to check out the prices. I noticed that there was a Club 60 meal deal. For £8, you could have a hot drink, fish and chips, and either ice cream, or bread and butter pudding, for dessert. I thought that I should sample Harry Ramsden’s Club 60 deal soon, before the offer was withdrawn and before the end of the Summer.

The opportunity to do this arose after a Monday morning visit to Jupiter Artland with a friend. Unfortunately by the time that we arrived at the restaurant, it was raining, so we had to sit inside.

There’s a free car park for guests adjacent to Harry Ramsden’s Three Bridges. I imagine that the car park is full during sunny weekends, but it was almost empty when we arrived around 1.30pm.

We could see the Forth Road Bridge and the Queensferry Crossing from our table.

The restaurant was quiet. We offered a choice of haddock or cod. We both opted for haddock. A large pot of tea arrived before the main course.

I anticipated that the portion wouldn’t be large, but it was a bit smaller than I’d hoped. But the food was very tasty.

I selected the bread and butter pudding. It was surprisingly good. It was fair sized portion, quite light with some citrus peel and served with custard.

I thought that at £8 the Harry Ramsden Club 60 meal deal offers good value for money, especially if you are happy with a smaller main course.