Wumtu from Three Mobile

Written by Karen Bryan

I was prompted to download Three money saving app Wumtu to my mobile phone when I received a text message from Three informing me that I could claim a free Costa Strawberry Frostini that Friday.

I had an appointment that Friday at the Santander branch in Stirling top open a Regular eSaver account. It’s really annoying that I can’t open that account online, as only business savings accounts come up as I log into Santander through my business account. But I thought that free cold drink on a warm day would offer a bit of a pleasant distraction.

After downloading the Wumtu app. I had to register my phone. Three checked that my SIM card was a Three SIM. Then I was able to get into the offer.

I arrived at Costa in Stirling’s Thistle Centre just after 12 noon. I wondered if there would be a long queue between it being lunch time and a hoard of Three customers claiming their free Frostini. I was pleasantly surprised that there was hardly any queue. It was easy to claim my free drink. I merely had to swipe the bar code across the reader.

I had a look at the other cafe and restaurant promotions. Some sounded quite good e.g. a burger and chips at either La Tasca or Cafe Rouge.

I didn’t read all the Wumtu terms and conditions, but I assume that your contact details are passed onto the companies promoting the offers on Wumtu. But then we all know that there is no such thing as a free lunch.