BT Increase Prices Again

Written by Karen Bryan

I received an email from BT to say that the price for our broadband was increasing by £2.50 a month from the following month.

BT last increased their prices in November 2017, only ten months ago. At that time, I phoned BT to say that I wasn’t happy with the price increase.

If signed up for a new 18 month contract, BT offered me a reasonable deal which, to my understanding, included a 18 price partial price freeze which only applied to the broadband part of my contract (but not the line rental or calls package).

That’s why I couldn’t understand why BT were telling me that the broadband price was going to increase by £2.50 a month from September 2018.

I phoned BT to query this. Upon checking my account, I was told that there was no price freeze on any part of my account. I said that I was pretty certain that there was a price freeze on the broadband element. I requested that the issue be investigated further.

The customer service rep asked me to hold saying that he would see if he could save me money on my current price, before he initiated the complaints procedure.

He came back with a price for broadband and anytime calls which was £3 lower than the price I was paying. Again that price was only available if I signed a new 18 month contract.

I am certain that BT will increase their price at least once, more probably twice, in the coming 18 months. But as I will be paying a lower price from next month, than I at present, I decided to sign up for another 18 months with BT.

If I hadn’t phoned BT to query the price increase, I would have been paying £5.50 a month more from next month.