Art Evening Classes at Your Local College

Written by Karen Bryan

If you have an hobby or interest which you would like to develop further, you could take a look at the evening classes on offer at your local college.

I am really into art, so have attended two art evening classes at the local college. Forth Valley College (FVC) has three campuses, Stirling, Falkirk and Alloa I am fortunate that the art evening classes are held in the Stirling campus, a ten minute walk from our home.

I have looked at art classes at various venues in central including the House for an Art Lover in Glasgow and Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop. I’d say that on average these classes were more expensive than at FVC, plus I’d then have travel expenses and at least a couple of hours travel time door to door.

I decided to choose classes which offered me the opportunity try out things that I couldn’t do at home. Last year I did the screen printing art class. It was the most expensive evening art class, costing £200 for ten three hour sessions. But I’ve seen one day screen printing workshops priced at £70.

Later at home, I made collages from most of my screen prints.

Earlier this year. I did the creative clay evening class. It was lot cheaper at £100 for ten three hour sessions. I found it a bit frustrating as access to the kiln was a major issue.

At the end of term, two of the tutors organised a pop-up exhibition to display work from all the art evening classes.

In the photo below, my pieces are the circular plaque and the tile with the spiral design.

Below are some more of the ceramics pieces by my fellow students.

The work of students from painting and stained glass evening classes was also on display.

II’m not sure if I will attend any more evening classes at my local college. I’m not too interested in any of the other art topics on offer. Also, I found it a bit restricting to commit to  a block of ten evening classes. Quite often other events would come up that night, and I was loathe to miss any of the classes.