5 Ways You Are Not Saving Money When Buying Business Checks

Written by Karen Bryan

Buying paper checks seem like a trivial business expense especially when compared to major business expenditures such as rent, employee salaries, and utility bills. However, most successful business owners look for ways to cut down on spendings that do not add value to the firm. Even little cutbacks can make a huge difference. Earlier this year, United Airlines announced that they are saving 170,000 gallons of fuel just by making their in-flight magazines a little bit lighter. That’s a savings of $290,000 per year.

In this age of cutthroat competition, keeping afloat when the times are tough is all about keeping business operations lean and productive. Now, if you are still ordering printed checks from the bank for your business then you are forfeiting a huge opportunity to save. To ensure you always get the best deal when ordering checks, following are 5 things you are doing when ordering checks that are actually costing you money.

Not Buying Checks Online: If you still believe that you should always order checks from banks then you are in for a reality check. There is no legal mandate that states you need to buy checks from your bank. To top it off, banks almost never print the checks themselves. Banking institutions get checks printed by vendors and they sell them to you for a profit. Thankfully, a lot of these check printing vendors have their own websites through which they sell directly to customers. Not having to give the banks their cut, these websites can sell the checks at a much cheaper rate.  

Not Buying Blank Check Paper: The cost difference between printed checks and blank check paper is astronomical. If you are buying custom printed checks online, then you are probably paying around $80 for a 300-page checkbook. Compare that to the price of 500 blank check paper, which costs in the neighborhood of $25. That’s one-third the cost and you are getting 200 additional check papers. Now, that’s savings.  However, you do need to print the checks yourself, which requires a laser printer and a check printing software.

Not Checking for Coupon Codes: This is a fundamental online shopping mistake. Coupon codes can earn you additional savings on already discounted prices. There are coupon codes available for different check type. For example, you can get hold of Quickbooks code for discounts on Quickbooks checks. Make it point to visit the coupons section of the check printing website you are visiting.

Not Comparing Prices: You must have seen marketing labels such as “best prices online” or “lowest price guarantee”. Instead of believing those claims blindly, it’s best to visit several websites to zero in on the best deal. Always compare the final price taking into account all the discounts and shipment rates.

Ordering When You Run Out: Ordering checks at the last moment forces you to settle for a steeper price. The best way forward is to start looking for deals online at least a few weeks earlier. This will give you enough time to hunt for special discounts.