Top 10 Ways for Making Some Fast Cash

Written by Karen Bryan

The reasons may differ from person to person, but most of us have found ourselves in some position or another where we could really use some fast cash. It could be personal or business, but the need is often too serious to wait and that’s where the following ten tips come in.

Look for Odd Jobs

Thanks to the likes of Upwork and Freelancer, people can sign up for odd freelance jobs near them whenever they need to. If you have a skill like photography, writing experience, cooking, playing musical instruments, coding, and designing among others, your chances of landing odd jobs with high pay are even better. Even if you don’t have any particular sets of skills, there is always work available if you are willing to put in some manual labour necessary for cleaning, basic construction work, moving, etc.

Scrap Your Car

When I decided to scrap my car (which was in pretty bad condition), I was actually in need of some quick cash as well and thanks to Scrap Car Network, the process was almost instantaneous. All you need to do is put in the car’s registration and postcode details on their website and they will instantly give you a quote. If you agree to their offered price, their collection service will pick up the car from your garage for free and give you the money right away. This is applicable irrespective of the location, as long as the address is in the UK. They generally take care of all the paperwork as well.

Drive a Taxi

You could sign up as a part-time taxi driver if you know your way around the city and you have a good driving record. With plenty of Taxi apps also entering the field, finding a job as a part-time taxi driver should be much easier than before and it pays quite well.

Sell Some of the Electronics

Do you have old smartphones or laptops lying around? Most of us do and you can make some quick cash from them through online sales. The same goes for speakers, desktops, computer parts and accessories, TV sets, refrigerators, microwaves and just about every other electronic equipment out there.


Both parents are working these days in most families and that has created the perfect opportunity for babysitters to make good money. Sign up with a service like Sitters to earn some quick cash by looking after kids for a few hours. You will need a squeaky-clean record to get through the background check though, so do keep that in mind.

Take Private Classes

If you were ever good in maths, you can probably put it to good effect by helping out some students with their schoolwork. This of course is not limited to maths because there’s a demand for all the school subjects, and especially so if your skill pertains to teaching another language or how to play musical instruments. You can charge per class and it’s a full-time business for a lot of people out there.

Take a Loan

Personal loans and business loans are always available for those that qualify and do not mind paying the high interest rates which usually accompany such loans in the UK. In business, loans are mostly the first choice, but if it’s for a personal purpose, do take the time out to make the necessary calculations, because you might just end up in even greater debt if you are unable to pay the loan back in time.

Become Part of a Drug Trial

Any and all drugs must go through human experimentation before hitting the market to eliminate any chances of unforeseen side-effects. Drug trials are therefore carried out on willing participants and they are paid quite heftily for their volunteering. While the money is very good in almost all the trials, do keep in mind that you are jeopardising your health and maybe even your life for that matter.

Use AirBnB

By now, the whole world knows what AirBnB is, so it should not need much of an introduction, but just in case you are not totally aware of how it works, know that it’s really quite simple. All you need is a spare place or even a spare room and you can put it up on AirBnB for renting out to travellers and tourists. It’s a great way to earn some good money, especially if you live in or near a major tourist attraction.

Work as a Waiter

Sign up with a catering service or work as a waiter/waitress at a diner or café for a few hours every day to earn some extra cash. It’s a time-tested method that still gets a lot of students through college.

When you are in need of fast cash, it is very important to sit down and take the time necessary to reach a level-headed solution. It’s easy to make impulsive and wrong decisions under pressure. Once you have taken that time to think and have gone through all the options discussed here, you will probably manage to gather that cash pretty fast and without taking a route that you might regret later on.