Mountain Warehouse Review

Written by Karen Bryan

As I was putting away my warm clothes when the warmer weather finally arrived, I noticed that a couple of my favourite pairs of leggings were starting to go at the seams.

I decided to replace them in order to have new leggings ready for the advent of lower temperatures later this year.

My first port of call was Mountain Warehouse. Over the years, I have bought a number of items from them over the year included a lined winter jacket, fleeces, leggings and waterproof over-trousers. Although, I always also check out what’s available from other online retailers and if I can spot any good discount codes.

I found leggings in my size in both black and purple in the sale on the Mountain Warehouse website. Before paying for the items in my online basket, I had a quick look to see if I could find any voucher codes for Mountain Warehouse.

I only buy clothes online if I don’t have to pay for delivery and I can return them free of charge, if they are not a good fit.

Mountain Warehouse scores highly on these important points. If you spend more than £20, it is free to collect the items at your local store. You can return any unwanted items in store for a full refund.

That is perfect for me, as I can try the items on in the store. If anything doesn’t fit, the return is quick and easy, compared to having to post an unwanted item back to a retailer.

As the leggings cost £8 each, I needed to spend at least another £4 to qualify for free store collection. I found a pair of fleece leggings, which I thought would be nice and warm. They didn’t come in specific sizes just small, medium, large and extra large.

Three days later I received an email from Mountain Warehouse informing me that my order was available for collection. I was happy with the fit and quality of the standard leggings. But the supposedly XL fleece leggings were far too small.

At the cash desk I requested a refund for this item. The assistant asked for the credit card for which I’d paid for my order, so that she could process the refund.

However, I no longer had that credit card, as my one of my other online shopping accounts had been hacked, leading my credit card provider to cancel the credit card. The assistant told me that it was procedure to make the refund to the card used to make the original purchase, but under the circumstances, she would make a refund to another credit card, as long as that credit card was in my name.

I was very happy with the customer service offered by Mountain Warehouse. I was able to shop online, find the items which I wanted at a good price, pick my order up at the local store and return one item in store for a refund.