I’m Tescoffed Again By Missing Out On £6 Off a £40 Tesco Shop

Written by Karen Bryan

When I was driving home on a Monday afternoon after a Sunday night stay at Perth Central Travelodge, I reluctantly decided to a detour to do a big shop at Tesco in Stirling.

I knew that we were getting low on basics such as milk, bread, fruit and veg. I didn’t fancy having to take the car out the following day just to do food shopping. Plus, heavy rain was forecast for the next day.

I spent £39.60 in Tesco.

After putting the shopping away at home, I opened my mail to discover a Tesco Clubcard £6 off a £40 shop voucher. The voucher was valid from that day.

I was so annoyed that if I’d been in possession of that voucher, that I would have spent another 40p at Tesco, and saved £6 on the £40 shop.

What a prize example of how to hack off customers.

This could be avoided if Tesco could send out Clubcard discount vouchers a few days in advance of their start date.

But I suppose that would create issues for other customers. who might no read the start date of the voucher and be hacked off when they presented the voucher at the till to be informed that the voucher wasn’t valid.

To me, it illustrates why it would be so much simpler if Tesco just reduced their prices, instead of spending money administering their Clubcard scheme to end up annoying loyal customers like me.