The Drawing Room at the Scottish National Galleries

Written by Karen Bryan

If you are interested in contemporary art, why not go along to the Drawing Room sessions, organised by the Scottish National Galleries?

The Drawing Room usually takes place at the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art between 17.30 and 18.45 on the second Thursday of the month, This venue is very handy for me. I can park free of charge at the car park there (the standard charge is £2), as I am a friend of the Scottish National Galleries.

However, the March 2018 session was held at the Royal Scottish Academy in Princes Street. The workshop focused on book making. The idea was to bind to together a small book by making three holes in the spine, and then stitching through these holes.

I pulled two types of thread through the pages of my book, to denote my walk around the exhibition, zigzagging around to look at the various pieces.

There was a very relaxed atmosphere at the Drawing Room, we sat in a circle and chatted while working on our books. I had forgotten to bring my reading classes, so I had to ask other participants to thread my needle twice for me.

The other Drawing Room which I’ve attended was the November 2017 session at the National Gallery of Modern Art. It was based on Susan Philipz installation, comprising of seven synchronised record players, each of which played a single note from John Downland’s Lachramae, at the Now 2 exhibition.

There were more participants at the November session and everyone worked more on their own, than in a group.

I enjoyed both sessions of the Drawing Room and am booked up for the April and May 2018 dates.