Automate Your Financial health – Smart Apps That You Should Install On Your Phone

Written by Karen Bryan

While having kids, saving money for their future and for all other responsibilities can sometimes feel impossible. Once the bills keep piling one on top of the other, they don’t just seem to end. You keep trying to remind yourself about how important it is for you to save money for emergencies but once you get your paycheck, you wait desperately to spend it on things that you need and that you don’t need. Once you fall short of funds, you seek help of loan lending companies like Lendgreen which gives you the most affordable loans.

Nevertheless, you’re lucky enough to note that codes, algorithms and data analysis have always helped increase the number of personal finance apps which takes all jobs in their own hands and helps the user save money and stay on track. If you’re someone who is not acquainted with some of the best financial apps, here are few that you should consider.

#1: Mint

If there is something called the ‘Beyonce’ of all apps, this is definitely the one. It is more like a small powerhouse which allows you to track all kinds of financial activity from all accounts, savings, checking and retirement. You name a transaction and it is recorded and categorized at the right place. The app takes note of your budget and your spending behavior in accordance with your budget. This app is password protected and you can always deactivate the access from your phone via the website of Mint. The best thing is that the app is free.

#2: YNAB or You Need a Budget

The app called YNAB is a rather user-friendly budget interface which is extremely easy for the novice users as well. This app follows 4 rules, first to give every penny a job, second, to save money for rainy day fund, third, to roll with time and fourth, to live on the income of last month. The goal is to alter the way in which you manage your dollars and create a stress-free financial life. This app works on both iOS and Android smartphones and it offers you a better understanding of your personal finances.

#3: Bill Tracker

You should never ever miss a bill payment date if you use this app called Bill tracker. This is one of the most popular apps from Snap Tap. The best thing about this app is that it is password protected and it lets you keep all due dates and total amounts in a single place and also sends you notifications for each and every impending payment. You can highlight due dates on the calendar and view it during emergencies.

#4: Shopkick

More than 6 million people are still using Shopkick to browse through products, look for inspiration and make out the greatest deals at stores like Macy’s, Target, Best Buy and many more. The users of this app will let you earn points by making purchases, inviting your friends and asking them to join and the slick design of the app is any shopper’s dream.

Therefore, whenever you’re not being able to take care of your finances, you can install the above mentioned apps so that you can stick on the right financial path.