Spending Tesco Clubcard Vouchers with Hotels.com

Written by Karen Bryan

I decided to look into spending my Tesco Clubcard vouchers with Reward Partners.

The Reward Partner which appealed to me most was Hotels.com, as I could triple the value of my vouchers by spending on Hotels.com.

The first thing which I noticed was that you can have to pay any taxes and fees listed on the booking price on Hotels.com. Once you click on the book tab for a hotel, the total to pay is listed in two parts, the price for the number of nights booked, plus the taxes and fees.

Therefore you should only exchange vouchers to as close as possible to the value of the price part of the total cost.

This means that it makes sense to check out some hotels before you exchange your Tesco Clubcard into Hotels.com vouchers. Unless the price exactly matches a £15 denomination, you’ll need to decide whether to exchange vouchers for slightly more than the hotel price, and lose any balance left, or, pay the difference yourself.

Once you have decided on the value of vouchers to exchange. You order the Hotels.com vouchers on the Clubcard website.

I was happy when I read that you don’t need to redeem the full value of the Clubcard voucher when exchanging for Reward Partner points.

I thought that I would start out booking a cheap hotel to see if the transaction went through smoothly. When I entered that I wanted to exchange £5 of the £50 Clubcard voucher into £15 worth of Hotels.com vouchers, there was a message saying that the remaining £45 value of the voucher would be available at my next points statement, in almost three months time.

That was rather frustrating as I had intended to book some more hotels if my initial transaction went smoothly.

I can’t see the logic in this. If I could spend the whole £50 voucher in one transaction, why make me wait to exchange the remaining value of the Tesco Clubcard voucher?

I was also concerned that if I used the converted the whole £50 voucher into £150 to spend on Hotels.com, that I would lose the £150 if, for some reason I had to cancel the booking. If it was a flexible booking, at least I would receive a refund of the taxes and fees.

It appeared that I would be still able to collect nights in the Hotels.com Rewards loyalty scheme by making paying for the bulk of the hotel cost with Tesco Clubcard vouchers.

It all left me in a bit of a quandary about how best to use my Tesco Clubcard vouchers for booking accommodation on Hotels.com.

Some of the issues would be solved if Tesco only issued Clubcard vouchers in lower denominations e.g. £5 or £10, as opposed to larger amounts such as £50. Another improvement would be if Hotels.com  permitted the payment of taxes and fees by Tesco Clubcard voucher.