Renewing Your UK Passport Online

Written by Karen Bryan

I recently renewed my UK passport online.

Until that time, I had applied for my passport renewal by post. The application form wasn’t the easiest to complete. If I went to a photo booth, I was never sure that the photo would be accepted. Therefore, I usually paid an additional few pounds for the Post Office’s Check and Send service.

My old passport was due to expire in a couple of months (you can renew your UK passport up to 9 months before it expires with that remaining period added to the new  passport). I thought that it was a good idea to make my application in low season, so that I would receive my new passport quickly.

The fact that the price of an online renewal for a UK passport was due to increase by £3, from £72.50 to £75.50, on 27 March 2018, was the spur to action.

It was pretty straightforward to complete the online application for a UK passport. I asked my husband to take the required photos. Once I uploaded the photo to the application, it was automatically cropped to the correct size and checked for suitability.

You can request updates on your application by either email or text.

In order for the passport renewal application to be processed, you have to return your old passport to the Passport Office.

To me, having to use snail mail partly negated the benefit of  completing an online application. I wasn’t happy to post back my old passport by standard Royal Mail service, in case it was lost in the post. This necessitated a visit to the local Post Office, to post the old passport by Recorded Delivery. That cost £1.75 for first class.

I posted my old passport on a Monday. It was logged as received by the Passport Office on the Thursday. My new passport was processed on the Friday. I received the new passport the following Monday by courier. Fortunately, my husband was at home to sign for the new passport.

All in all, it was pretty easy to renew my passport online, apart from still having to go to the Post Office.