Why Using an Online Estate Agent Might be the Most Cost-Effective Way to Buy or Sell Your House

Written by Karen Bryan

Whether you’re looking to buy or sell property this year, one place you might want to turn to is an online estate agent.

Long gone are the days where high street estate agencies ruled the roost. Thanks to the internet, buyers and sellers can now benefit not only from the convenience of online real estate services, but from the lower costs too. Here, you’ll discover why using an online estate agent might be the most cost-effective way to buy or sell your house.

Offering a fixed, rather than percentage based fee

One of the main reasons online estate agents tend to be cheaper than high street agencies, is because they offer a fixed, rather than percentage based fee. This means, regardless of how much the house sells for, you’ll only pay the agreed fixed fee agreed upon at the beginning of the process. This often tends to be anything up to £500. In contrast, choosing an offline agency with a percentage based fee, could mean you end up paying thousands in fees.

You aren’t charged overhead fees

Offline estate agents typically offer a more expensive service to buyers and sellers because they have overheads to take care of. Online agencies don’t have many overheads to take care of so the money they save, they can pass on to the customer.

However, it’s also worth noting that one of the main reasons they are cheaper, is because they offer a more DIY service. This means you’ll typically take care of viewings yourself. If you’re a buyer, you’ll deal directly with the owner of the property when it comes to booking viewings. Many buyers and sellers actually prefer this, but admittedly it won’t be ideal for everyone.

Awesome advertising

The vast majority of buyers start their search for the perfect property online. When you use an online agency, they typically take care of the advertising for you. They’ll list it on all of the major property websites as part of the service. This could be why online agencies are renowned for selling properties more quickly than high street agencies.

As you can see, there are numerous ways online estate agencies can save you money when it comes to buying or selling a property. So, if you haven’t yet considered using an internet based company, now may definitely be the time to do so.