Check If Your Premium Bank Account Offers Breakdown Cover When Buying Car Insurance

Written by Karen Bryan

We’ve held M&S Premier Motor Insurance for a few years during the last decade. It offered a good level of cover including a zero voluntary excess, RAC European breakdown cover and a courtesy car, at a competitive price.

The M&S car insurance wasn’t quite so good once they dropped the Keycare cover. But I did still opt for the M&S cover last year.

However, when I received the renewal quote from M&S Bank this year, the premium looked on the high side. I was aware that I didn’t really require the RAC European breakdown cover included in the M&S Premier car insurance, as breakdown cover is offered as a perk from the Nationwide Flex Plus Current Account. I also thought that I need to squeeze the most value from my Nationwide premium current account as the monthly fee has now increased from £10 to £13.

Sure enough, once I started to get quotes from other car insurance firms, they were a lot cheaper, for very similar policies (excluding the breakdown cover), than the renewal quote from M&S Bank.

I phoned M&S Bank to ask if they could match the car insurance quote which I’d received from Direct Line. But the lowest price which M&S would offer was around £60 more than the price quoted by Direct Line.

Another thing which attracted me to the Direct Line motor insurance, was that Direct Line don’t have an admin charge for changing details on your policy. When I moved from Berwick upon Tweed to Stirling earlier this year, M&S Bank charged me a £25 admin fee for making the change to the policy.

I decided to purchase the Direct Line car insurance to save £60 knowing that I would still have breakdown cover provided through my premium bank account.