Review of Ricoh SP213w Mono Laser Printer

Written by Karen Bryan

It seems that any printer which I have ever owned has been problematic. The old Samsung black and white laser printer was getting so bad, i.e. streaks on any printed sheet, that I had to take action.

Initially I wondered if I really needed a printer, as I didn’t think that I printed that often. Plus you can do printing for 5p per sheet at the local community centre, albeit during rather limited hours on weekdays.

But once I started doing my tax return and thought it a good idea to have hard copies of receipts, I realised that having a printer at home would be a good investment.

I decided to buy another mono laser printer, setting a maximum budget of £100.

I fancied a WiFi printer, especially one which was Google Cloud ready, enabling me to print directly from my Acer Chromebook or my Moto Android mobile hone.

However, that option appeared to increase the price by at least £30 and any models within my price range had negative reviews about the Google Cloud printing facility.

When our son Gary told us that he’d be staying with us for a while when he returned from his travels. I thought that was the time to buy a WiFi printer so that he could set it up for me.

The Ricoh SP213w received an average score of 4 out of 5 in reviews on Amazon. The lowest price which I could find was £48 on eBay.

It turned out to be a wise move to enlist Gary’s assistance, even Gary didn’t find it that straightforward to set up the WiFi printing from both our computers.

I was impressed by the quality of the print produced by the Ricoh SP213w. It was very clear and crisp.

The day after Gary set up the printer, my husband received news that his Mum was unwell and booked flights to Greece. It was great that he was able to print his boarding passes at home.

I tried to Toner Saver option on the Ricoh SP213w printer, but the print quality was so poor that I had to switch back to standard mode. It’s a pity that the quality wasn’t a bit better on Toner Saver.

I am trying to only print when necessary, as a replacement toner cartridge for the Ricoh SP213w mono laser printer costs around £20.

Overall, I am happy with the Ricoh SP213w printer. I doubt if I would have been able to set up the wireless printing on my own, but it was relatively cheap to buy and the print quality is good.