How to Save Money When Shipping a Parcel Overseas

Written by Karen Bryan

Christmas is now less than two weeks away, which is exciting news for both businesses and consumers alike.

It’s certainly a time for giving, and the chances are you will shipping out quite a few parcels to friends, family and customers across the globe.

This can be a costly pastime, so in this post we’ll look at how you can save money on overseas shipping in the modern age:

  1. Measure Your Parcel and Compare the Market

There are many factors that will determine the cost of your international parcel, including its weight, dimensions and final destination.

You’ll therefore need to have a precise address where you intend to send your parcel, along with precise measurements (including the final packaging).

You can then use this information to compare the market and achieve the best possible deal, across a range of potential service providers.

  1. Partner with a Specialist Service Provider

Another way of reducing costs is to partner with a specialist, international service provider such as

These firms can instantly provide you with a clear overview of rates and shipping times, so that you can make an informed decision from a personal, business or cost perspective.

These sites also offer additional services and insurance coverage to customers, which can deliver further savings and help you to protect valuable products in the unlikely event that they are damaged or lost.

  1. Leverage the High Levels of Competition in this Marketplace

Thanks the rise of e-commerce and trading sites such as eBay and Amazon, we’re sending more parcels overseas than ever before. Historically, this type international shipment carried significant postage costs, which in some instances were higher than the value of the item being sent.

This has changed in recent times, however, with intense levels of competition and diversity in the marketplace forcing service providers to drop their prices. In fact, it’s possible for such price wars to drive down costs to as little as £0.99 per shipment, depending on the size of the items and its destination.

As a customer or business-owner, it’s your job to leverage this competition by negotiating with service providers and achieving an advantageous price point. This requires a focused and tenacious mind-set, of course, while you’ll also need to identify the best starting prices before your look to capitalise.

By following these steps, you can reduce the cost of sending international parcels and crucially save money (either for your business or personal bank account!)