4 Easy Ways to Make Your Small Business More Green

Written by Karen Bryan

Ever since the dawn of the industrial revolution, the world has been facing a pollution problem. Many signs of global warming are being experienced all over the globe like increased temperatures, a rise in sea level, extreme weather conditions, among others.

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As a result, there is increased emphasis on the need for the world to come together and work towards promoting sustainability in all aspects of life. To achieve this goal, everyone has to try incorporating elements of green living at home, and more importantly at work. Below are some of the ways to make the workplace more eco-friendly.


Lighting is the most basic form of energy consumption in any workplace. While many may not notice, lighting contributes to over 40% of the average energy bill of most businesses who don’t use heavy machinery in their operations. A simple way to decrease energy consumption is by turning off the lights when not in use. It helps to have many sources of natural light so that you don’t have to rely on bulbs. Modern technology has also helped come up with ways to cut your lighting costs. For instance, you can install motion sensors to control lighting efficiently.

Reduce Paper Usage

The excessive use of paper has a lot of adverse effects on the environment. First of all, trees have to be chopped down to create paper. The production and distribution of lumber have disastrous effects on the ecosystem and leaves an enormous carbon footprint. Reducing the amount of paper you use at work can help considerably diminish your company’s impact on the environment. Thanks to computers and the internet, documents can now be stored safer in a digital format. If you have to use paper, try printing on both sides or using recycled paper.

Recycle and Reuse

Promoting a recycling culture in your company can go a long way in improving green living and reducing pollution. Recycling bins should be placed strategically so that everyone can access them easily and be well labelled to separate the recyclable materials from the biodegradable materials. Using reusable water bottles and lunch boxes is another way to promote green living and reduce clutter in the workplace. Empty ink and toner cartridges can also be recycled as opposed to getting new ones.

Upgrading to Green Systems

Some companies are truly committed to environmental conservation and willing to do what it takes to achieve this goal. In this case, you should consider having a professional energy audit done to identify all the measures that can be taken to reduce energy consumption.

 Some of these actions include replacing machines with less energy consuming machines, use of energy saving bulbs, switching to harmless materials, among other ways. In this case, don’t hesitate to seek alternative lending options like Merchant Money loans to make the replacements necessary.


It is no secret that human activities have been responsible for the current environmental crisis that is facing the world. Therefore, it is man’s responsibility to do everything possible to protect the environment. A few changes at the workplace can go a long way in helping protect the environment. As a bonus, going green will allow you to win points with consumers who support companies who show that they care for the environment.