Talk Mobile’s Confusing Cancellation Procedure

Written by Karen Bryan

When I first moved from Berwick upon Tweed to Stirling, I was reliant on mobile broadband for work.

As a back-up to my Three mobile contract, I decided to buy a Talk Mobile Sim which offered 15GB of data (which could be used for tethering) for £15 a month on a 30 day contract. Once fixed line broadband was installed in Stirling, I cancelled my Talk Mobile SIM.

I knew that I had to give 30 days notice to cancel. I assumed at the end of the 30 day notice period that my account would be closed and any advance payment made would be automatically credited to the bank account from which the monthly direct debit payment had been made to Talk Mobile.

But no, that would be too straightforward. During an online chat, Talk Mobile insisted that their system left any credit due in my Talk Mobile account, and that I would have to contact them again to request that the credit be paid into my bank account.

I told Talk Mobile that I wasn’t happy with their procedure and that I was requesting that the credit be paid into my bank account at that tie, to avoid the need to contact them again in the future.

I was informed that their system would not allow this.

It does make you wonder if some customers forget all about that credit sitting in their Talk Mobile account and never get around to requesting that it is transferred to their bank account.

I am really fed up of situations where it is so much easier to set up a new account, than to close it.

I set up my Talk Mobile online within a few minutes. But to cancel it I had to call Talk Mobile, I couldn’t do it online. That call took just under one hour.

Then I spent another 3o minutes on online chat trying to resolve the refund of any credit. Yet I was told that I’d need to contact Talk Mobile again to request the transfer of any credit to my bank account.

When I received my final Talk Mobile bill by post. I contacted Talk Mobile by online chat, to request that the £8.64 credit be paid into my bank account. The customer service rep informed that the payment had been made by BACS on 28 October.

I replied that I was surprised by this, as I had been told that I would have to request this refund. The customer service rep said that they were also surprised, as that wasn’t standard procedure.