It’s Confusing to Choose a New Mobile Phone

Written by Karen Bryan

I was really annoyed when my Sony Xperia Z Ultra  phablet started playing up. I really liked the Sony phone as it had a huge 6.6 inch screen. It was under three years old and kept switching off every few minutes.

I took the advice of doing a factory reset. That was pain as I had to set up a few things again .e.g my webmail.

Initially, it appeared that the factory reset had sorted the problem.

But no, around ten days later, the phone started switching off again. Reluctantly, I decided that I would need to replace the Sony, as the constant switch offs were driving me bonkers.

I also have a Samsung S4 zoom phone which takes great photos, but that phone is useless for checking emails and browsing.

I set a maximum budget of £200, which I knew would mean that the maximum screen size of a new phone would be 5.5 inches.

After some research, I had narrowed my choice down to two phones. A Moto E4+, priced at £140 in the Three shop, or a Bush E4X,  priced at £200 in Argos.

Both phones had a 5.5 inch screen, but the Bush had a higher pixel density screen, a more powerful processor, more RAM, more on-board storage and better cameras. Another big plus was that the Bush phone had a two year warranty But the Moto had a larger, longer lasting battery.

I swithered as I could see the pros and cons of both phones. As the Sony phone was switching off even more frequently. I had to make a decision.

I decided to go for the Moto E4+. This was due to the lower price and the more powerful battery. I thought that the Moto would be adequate for the main tasks of checking emails and some light browsing when out and about. Although the two year warranty on the Bush was tempting, I haven’t had any problems with new phones during the first two years of ownership.

I went into the Three shop in Stirling to purchase the Moto E$+. The assistant rather gingerly informed me that it was mandatory to buy a £10 top up when buying the phone. I explained that as a existing Three customer on a 12 month SIM only contract, I had no use for a £10 top-up. But there was not getting out of paying that additional £10.

At that point, I was so rattled that I decided to go and buy the Bush E4X in Argos, as I knew that I wouldn’t be forced to buy a top-up there. I had waivered in my decision on which phone to buy, so that extra £10 for the Three top-up swung me back to the Bush E4X. I was prepared to pay an additional £50 for the extra one year warranty and higher specs.

Buying the Bush phone turned out to be a bad decision. The battery was terrible. I went out for the day to Edinburgh. I only used Google Maps a couple of times, checked my emails on several occasions and took a few photos (which I didn’t even upload). That left the battery at 50%. I thought the battery would never make it through a day of heavy use.

It took the Bush phone back to Argos for a refund. Then I went to the Three shop to buy the Moto E4+.