TV Licensing Not User Friendly

Written by Karen Bryan

When you are moving home, you feel like there are a million and one things to do.

Prior to the completion of the sale of our home in Berwick upon Tweed in late August, we contacted various organisation to inform them of our departure date and to cancel direct debits.

It was fairly straightforward to do this with the majority of organisation e.g. the local authority re Council Tax and our gas and electricity supplier.

However, it was such a hassle dealing with TV Licensing.

As my husband paid the TV Licensing direct debit, he completed an online from regarding our date of departure. He received a reply by email saying that as the TV Licence was in my name, that I would have to cancel it.

I phoned TV Licensing and was told that I would need to call back after the 15 August, as it was too early to cancel the licence.

On 17 August, I phoned TV Licensing. On this occasion, I was informed that I would need to call back the following week, as you can’t cancel more than ten days in advance.

At that stage, I became angry. thinking how much time do I have to spend sorting out the TV Licence.

I asked to speak to a manager, who was able to process my request.

What a palaver. Why can’t TV Licensing accept cancellations up to a month in advance?