Talkmobile Now Operates On the Vodafone Network

Written by Karen Bryan

Talkmobile are one of several virtual mobile phone providers in the UK. This means that they piggyback onto the network of one of the major mobile phone providers such as Three, O2, Vodafone or EE.

I’ve been a Talkmobile customer since March this year. I use their £15 a month X-Large 30 Day SIM with offers 15GB per month, with tethering permitted. That plan also includes 2500 minutes and 5000 texts.

When I joined Talkmobile, they were piggybacking on the O2 network. Talkmobile only offered a 3G signal. I didn’t see that as a huge issue, as I have only rarely been able to connect to a 4G signal on my other mobile phone contract with Three.

I recently received a text from Talkmobile saying that they had now partnered with Vodafone and that I would soon be able to receive a 4G signal. That’s fair enough, if I am ever able to find a 4G signal.

My concern is that Talkmobile will use offering 4G as an excuse to increase the price of my mobile phone plan from the current £15 a month. At least I am on a 30 day contract, so I have the option to give 30 day’s notice to quit Talkmobile.