I’m Not Impressed by Waitrose

Written by Karen Bryan

As Halifax Cashback Extras was offering 10% cashback on shopping at Waitrose, I decided to go to do some food shopping in Waitrose. I was also attracted by the free coffee on offer to customers who are members of  the myWaitrose loyalty club. Plus I wanted to have a look around the adjacent TK Maxx.

Now I am aware that Waitrose doesn’t promote itself as a cheap supermarket, its focus is on quality and customer service. But I expect to find some basic items such as a 4 pint carton of milk at the standard supermarket price of £1.

I was incredulous at the prices in Waitrose. The cheapest peanut butter was well over £1,  I can buy it in Tesco for 65p. The cheapest pack of 24 breakfast wheat biscuits were also well over £1, I can buy them in Tesco for  75p.

Annoyingly, there was only one four pint carton of full fat milk in the refrigerated section, when I wanted to buy two. I spotted an assistant restocking shelves nearby, I asked her if there were more four pint cartons of full fat milk in the storeroom. She went to check, but informed that the delivery had not arrived yet.

I ended up only spending £6, on which I would receive 60p cashback through Halifax Cashback Extras. That would probably cover the fuel for the drive to and from Waitrose.

I went over to the cafe to claim my free coffee. But there was such a long queue, that I couldn’t be bothered to wait.

Just as well I didn’t wait, as when I went to the Waitrose website to find a photo to use in this article, I read that in order to receive a free hot drink in the cafe, you need to purchase in the cafe. There has to be a self service hot drinks machine if you only wish a free drink. I didn’t spot a machine in that Waitrose branch.

I can certainly conclude that I’m not impressed by Waitrose and won’t be returning.