Why Discount Vouchers Are Better Than Cashback

Written by Karen Bryan

I recently purchased a fridge freezer on the AO.com website. The price was £279. A0.com were offering £30 cashback on the model of Hisense fridge freezer which I decided to purchase.

I always prefer discount codes to cashback. As long as the discount code is valid, the money off is guaranteed at the point of purchase. Whereas, with cashback, you can never be sure that you will receive the cashback.

AO.com’s cashback terms and conditions stated that there would a link to a claim form in the invoice received after the fridge freezer had been delivered. The cashback would be paid directly into your nominated bank account within 30 days of the claim being received.

It would have been so much simpler just to get a £30 discount when making the purchase.

The third party cashback website, Topcashback, were offering £26.25, cashback on all Hisense fridge freezes purchased on AO.com

Therefore, assuming that I did in fact receive the cashback from both AO.com and Topcashback, the price paid for the Hisense fridge freezer would drop from £222.75. I thought that was a very good price for a highly rated fridge freezer, with a 2 year warranty from the manufacturer.

With a day of placing my order on the AO.com website, I  received a notification from Topcashback that I had received cashback from AO.com. But the amount shown was £11.71, a opposed to the advertised £26.25. Sometimes the cashback figure which is initially tracked increases to the advertised amount. But this didn’t happen.

I couldn’t be bothered querying this with Topcashback. In the past, I lodged a missing cashback claim. It took them three months to send me a generic email informing me of the retailer’s decision (without a specific reason being given) that the cashback on my purchase of travel insurance was not going to be paid.

I received the £30 cashback from AO.com within the promised 30 days.

Although the cashback from Topcashback was £15 less than advertised, I still thought that paying around £238 for the Hisense fridge freezer was a good deal.

I always advocate viewing cashback as a bonus. I don’t base my purchasing decision on the advertised cashback, as it is never guaranteed.